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YOGAVERMONT - Seasons of the Studio

What you can plan | is too small | for you to live. What you can live | wholeheartedly | will make pl
YOGAVERMONT - Seasons of the Studio
By Sarah  • Issue #68 • View online
What you can plan | is too small | for you to live.
What you can live | wholeheartedly | will make plans | enough |
for the vitality | hidden in your sleep.
What To Remember When Waking, David White

When I met Nancy in class one morning in the studio on Church st, she told me she had been practicing with Kathy since before Kathy met Beryl and found Ashtanga. They would meet in a small room in Underhill. I’ve also heard about the studio in Richmond and seen some of the photos of class announcements. I personally, met Kathy a few years into the Chase Mill locale, when I accidentally attended second series class without ever having taken an Ashtanga class. We often assume it the physical space the holds us as we practice. I am reminded as we practice over Zoom that is the relationships, the practice, the community, our lineage, our shared experiences, the stories and Kathy that holds us - that we are the studio.
And, I am holding all of these ideas in my heart as we announce that we are saying goodbye to 113 Church St. We look forward to continuing online and to the possibilities that the future holds. We can’t imagine not seeing everyone and we know that the future holds opportunities for new spaces to be together.
As we make room in our hearts for this season of the studio, please also join me in thanking Kathy for being captain of YVT and weathering it thought all the seasons. XOXO, Sarah

Text Kathy if you'd like your mat dropped off! 802-238-0594
Text Kathy if you'd like your mat dropped off! 802-238-0594
Teacher Training
This Saturday we talked about the Yamas & Niyamas in the Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradikipa, and also the Encylopedic Dictionary of Yoga .
The conversation starts at 1:30, you can find it on Patreon.
Join us Thursday-Sunday 9-11. Everyone is welcome. Drop in anytime. Zoom link on the website New password is YOGA.

Mark Your Calendar!
Costume Yoga for PPNNE  Friday Oct 30
or being again. or begin again again.
Thursday (Kathy) and Sunday (Sarah) 5-5:45pm. Bring the fun and the friends.
Community Corner
From Rosalie!
From Rosalie!
Hi everyone! I miss and love you all oh so much! I’m in my last year of grad school and created a home studio that I practice in during my computer breaks! On Fridays I’ve been teaching yoga to a few non-English speaking elderly women. It’s been a great adventure learning how to teach remotely and with an interpreter, and it’s the highlight of my week! Can’t wait to give you all a hug whenever that may be :) - @Rosalierosaliemaynevt
Photos above:
Spent some time at my extended family’s lake house which is a sacred place for me 
Me and Brad at the top of Bolton this summer!
This is when I drew all of primary in stick figures with a sharpie on the side of an apple crate :)
A piece of art I made for degrowth fest 
Reads & Views
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Love you & Everyone you love
Yoga Vermont | Patreon
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