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The neuron was only discover in 1887 by Ramon y Cajal. We are always making maps and layering new m
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The neuron was only discover in 1887 by Ramon y Cajal.
We are always making maps and layering new maps on older maps.
This week you can watch a video on acupuncture (below), or watch all three videos to learn about ATP and cellular communication maps.
Kathy is covering vastu - the traditional Hindu system of architecture and home layout at YTT.
On Patreon you will soon find a talk by Kathy talk about nandis.
We love maps.

Teacher Training Saturday
Diagram of Vastu
Diagram of Vastu

9:00-9:30 intro to vastu 
9:30-Noon practice, practice, practice. 
Noon-12:30 lunch
12:30-2:00 yoga sutras of the amazing patanjali

bring your fav translation
Welcome Robina
Robina is doing her 300hr YTT this year and will be teaching Mon, Tues, and Friday at 9:30. Here’s a brief interview to get to know her!
SARAH: I’d love to introduce you to the community in our newsletter and on social media. Would you be comfortable sending me a couple photos - maybe one yoga and one fun. And answer a few questions to help the community get to know you? What brought you to Vermont? What’s your favorite posture? Do you have any pets? What’s a yummy book you’ve read this year or movie you’ve watched? And anything else you want us to know.
ROBINA: I came to Vermont for many reasons. Mainly, my desire to be closer to nature. My boyfriend is a wildlife biologist and since meeting him I’ve begun learning plant identification, foraging, and mushroom hunting (quickly becoming my favorite past time, besides yoga of course.) My favorite posture changes every few months. I used to like the challenging ones most because I thought they had the most to teach me, lately I’ve been turning back to the basics for inspiration. My favorite posture was kapotasana but is currently virabadrasana 1. I have one huge cat named Lexter. He’s 13 and loves to cuddle. I adopted him from my former teacher David Garrigues who accurately coined him a “yoga cat.” Most of the books I’ve read this year were resources for the bodywork that I teach and practice. Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers is my go to!
Thanks Robina!! We’re excited to practice with you.
Summer Intensive with Kathy at Yoga Vermont, Mon 6 July 2020
Upcoming Events
Save the Date!! David will be here July 4 & 5th.
Save the Date!! David will be here July 4 & 5th.
Tickets! Reserve your spot

Community: Join us Thursday 1/23 7:00pm
Join us Thursday 1/23 7:00 at Skinny Pancake. We’ll be celebrating Sarah’s birthday and all the January birthdays and listening to Giovanina & friends!
Reads & Views
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Christian Moro: The surprising reason our muscles get tired | TED Talk
Maximizing Your Mitochondria with Magnesium
Biochemistry of Acupuncture on Vimeo
The Multiverse And Eastern Philosophy
A beautiful Krishnamurti Talk
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