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YOGAVERMONT - Eyes & New Winter Schedule

Most people don’t realize it but our brain and spinal cord are actually one continuous tube of cells
YOGAVERMONT - Eyes & New Winter Schedule
By Sarah  • Issue #83 • View online
Most people don’t realize it but our brain and spinal cord are actually one continuous tube of cells (mainly neurons and glia) and our eyes are actually part of our forebrain. @hubermanlab
Drishti. Every posture has a drishti or where we look, sometimes it helps with balance, sometimes it stretches the eye. Kathy says, ‘Drishti is the other end on the mula bundha line of energy’ and in handstand “drishti is like your third arm.‘
Drishti ("view” “opinion” or “gaze”) The Mandala-Brahmana-Upanishad (II.2.6) distinguishes three types of gaze during meditation: “new-moon glance” ama-drishti with the eyes closed; the “first phase moon glance” pratipad-drishti with half-open eyes and the “full moon glance” purnima-drishti with wide open eyes. the two best known [drishti] are the gaze at the middle between the eyebrows bhru-madhya and the gaze at the tip of nose nasa-agra -Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga
We our assume our eyes give us the information we need until we need reading glasses or something goes array. Right after my accident a few years ago, my body no longer knew where horizon was. This meant that it felt like the ground underneath me was falling away. I had to re-calibrate my body and eyes. Two things gave me hope that my eyes and body would adapt, my experience as a guide with visually impaired skiers at Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport and watching PBS show as a kid about an inverted vision experiment.
Similar to the way breathing is a gateway to the regulating our autonomic nervous system, eye movement also regulates our emotional state. We can even reset our nervous systems with simple eye movements, Deb Dana explains in her video. In the video Overcoming Anxiety - Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. explains the history of a popular therapeutic interventions EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), in addition to touching on sun gazing and how our eyes are part of our central nervous system.

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Yogic Eye Exercises with Kathy
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