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YOGAVERMONT -Drop in to the Summer Intensive July 6-19

YOGAVERMONT -Drop in to the Summer Intensive July 6-19
By Sarah  • Issue #53 • View online
“When I am rooted in love, anger reveals itself as trying to point us to our hurt; and when I am taking care of my hurt and loving at the same time, the energy of anger becomes an energy that helps me to cut through distractions and focus on the work that needs to be done.”
— Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation through Anger by Lama Rod Owens

tk pictures in video
tk pictures in video
Teacher Training This Saturday
9:00 Practice.
10:45 Vayus intro + Krishnamacharya’s favorite pranayama
Everyone is always welcome. Pop in anytime.
Summer Intensive with Kathy July 6-19th
July is the best time to practice.
JULY 6-19th
9:00 am Practice everyday with Kathy
10:45 topic conversations, philosophy, pranayama etc.
We will send out some extra newsletter to let you know the topics ahead of time etc so you can drop in if you want.
It will run just like Saturdays, you can get lots of YTT hours, you can deepen your practice, or just hang out with friends.
Everyone is welcome to join or pop in anytime.
For more information or to register and let us know you are coming click here. You are also welcome to just show up!
Community Corner
Photos from Nirali!
Photos from Nirali!
Our community corner update this week comes from Nirali! Thank you Nirali! We always love hearing updates from everyone. You can email us at if you’d like to contribute!
During the past few weeks I have felt at odds from my yoga practice and communities. The questions I have struggled with: Where are the black and brown folx practicing yoga? How do we create safe and accessible studios? Safe and accessible classes? Why are so many yoga classes so expensive? Why are “politics” separate from practice? Who gets to make this separation? Am I comfortable with the ways yoga has profited off of black and brown knowledge, labor and pain? Have I made my own classes actively anti-racist spaces? 
I do not know the answers. I know that if I want to continue being a yoga student and teacher, I need to actively and infinitely pursue the answers. I have often fallen into the trap of engaging with yoga that is passive, that serves only myself, and “feeling good.” Yet, “feeling good” is a privilege, and I must continue to be suspicious of activities that produce this emotion. To exist in this world is to engage with the injustices, violences and murders against black folx. I need to engage with these realities not to “feel good”, but because the alternative, the alternative to not looking, not reading, not donating, is to be complicit. 
With this, I am making my way back to yoga. A space to explore and understand my discomfort, not step away from it. I wish we could have this conversation in person. Until then, I call on you to actively engage with your yoga practice, and pursue these questions too. I miss you all. Here are some pictures of spaces where I am looking for the answers. -Nirali
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Love you & Everyone you love
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By Sarah


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