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YOGAVERMONT -David Williams on Sunday @ 4:00

The first stage by which perfect knowledge of Atman is gained is said to be as follows a. The realiza
YOGAVERMONT -David Williams on Sunday @ 4:00
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The first stage by which perfect knowledge of Atman is gained is said to be as follows a. The realization that the source of all Wisdom is inside ourselves
This is from the book Kathy has been mentioning, How to know God, Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali . I am reading it for the first time and finding it speaks in ways that I can easily digest. (You can find a PDF on Patreon ) .
When we are prompted to listen to our breath or listen to our feet as we move through asana we are learning to hear our innate wisdom. I also really love the chant Shatakam Nirvana, each verse reminds us that our thinking mind may try and over identify with many elements, but we are just knowingness, love, and pure consciousness. You can hear me chant it here:
This week Kathy will discuss the Kleshas; Avidya, Asmita, Raga, Dvesa, Abinvesah Saturday 11:00am after practice.
XOXO, Sarah

David Williams - Sunday 31st, 4:00EST, Zoom
My Search For Yoga, David Williams.
My Search For Yoga, David Williams.
David’s spirit is a true part of our lineage. The photos above might not need much explanation, there is certainly a true love of handstands & Pranayama. It is a gift that both David and Clifford visit with us.
Sunday’s Details:
Join Zoom Meeting (it’s the same link we use for class) 
Meeting ID: 961 778 1298

Click the link below to download the chapters of the book David. We are collecting questions ahead of time for ease of conversation, please leave your questions in the comments section on Patreon.
Teacher Training & Saturday Practice 9:00-12:00
9:00am Half First, Half Second
11:00am Both ends of the stick. Keshas. At least four of them.
Everyone is always welcome at everything. Thank you for being part of our community.
Summer Intensive with Kathy
Cooking Class with Rasayana Mysore Kitchen at Zoom, Sun 14 June 2020
Dalice's kiddo opening love notes from Kathy to Patrons
Dalice's kiddo opening love notes from Kathy to Patrons
From Dalice Costa in Monteplier: Let me try to remember when I first found yoga Vermont! How long have you been with them? Because I believe my first classes there with someone named Sarah…. Did it used to be in Winooski? Is any of this right lol…
I live in Montpelier- i love how Chrissy brought Kathy’s influence with grateful yoga - with my husband and 4 kiddos. I am a registered nurse but have been home during this as I have an underlying condition that has made me high risk. Yoga saved my life and YVT introduced me to ashtanga!!
I’ve always felt part of a community…YVT and yoga in Vermont is wonderful for that <3
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Love you & Everyone you love
Yoga Vermont | Patreon
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