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YOGAVERMONT - David Williams

David Williams. David Williams. David Williams. We love you. We love you. We love you.We can't wait t
YOGAVERMONT - David Williams
By Sarah  • Issue #47 • View online
David Williams. David Williams. David Williams.
We love you. We love you. We love you.
We can’t wait to talk with you on May 31st, at 4:00 EST
We can’t wait to hear about your new memoir, My Search For Yoga.
This event is free or by donation & open to everyone.
We will send out the unique Zoom link the day of the event via Patreon and this newsletter.
David has shared a few chapters from his book that you can download here: .
We invite you put any questions you have in the comments of the Patreon post. Kathy will collect them so that she can ask the questions to David on the day of the event.

Kathy and Sarah Talk about David Williams and his new book My Search For Yoga
Kathy and Sarah Talk about David Williams and his new book My Search For Yoga
Teacher Training & Practice
9:00 Ashtanga Practice
10:45 Ashtanga Philosophy part two
12:00 Ashtanga Pranayama
Kathy is offering a two week intensive via Zoom. You are welcome to either week or both. We will be enjoying a daily ritual of practice, self assists, partner assists, pranayama, mantra, philosophy & story telling. Email Kathy if you are interested or have questions
Monday July 6 - Saturday July 11th 9-Noon
Monday July 13 -Saturday July 19th 9-Noon

Cooking Class with Sahana
‘At Rasayana Mysore Kitchen, we constantly thrive to connect to the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda whilst constantly adapting this knowledge to the ever changing times. Eating right helps in balance, harmony, nourishment, good health and vitality.’ We will be doing a sattvic menu of green mung bean coconut curry with non fermented rice flour dosasas! (I’m getting hungry just typing it!)
Ingredient list of to come soon!
Sunday June 14th at Noon
Community - A love note from Dayna
Video and photos from Dayna!
Video and photos from Dayna!
From Dayna: Hi everyone! I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. In some ways, my life feels like it hasn’t changed that much - I’m still working full time as a nurse practitioner at a pediatric clinic, though we’re seeing lots of patients via telehealth. In other ways, things feel very different. The way I experience time has changed, and all of the sudden I have found the space in my days off to do lots of things I’ve been putting off! The things that are making me the most happy these days are long bike rides, gardening, watching my ducks play in their pool in the backyard, get in some good bunny snuggles, baking, and of course, yoga with Kathy and Sarah! Looking forward to getting to see y’all in person, hopefully sooner rather than later!
You can follow Dayan on Instagram here:
Reads & Views
I always try and listen for themes that are already swirling around us for the newsletter and this week it landed on vibration. First we talked about how plants that received water that had been meditated with grow up healthier. Then Kathy discussed the autobiography of the Baba: Blue Eyed Yogi. , specifically where it says ‘it’s not about what the mantra means it’s about what is does.’ Kathy then wondered if we could go further with that and say it’s not about the asana it’s about what it does. Lastly, if we consider the four kind of thought; spoken, loud thought, subtle thought or concept, and then the seed behind the thought, Yogis are trying to roast that seed when we meditate. Yogis are managing the vibration of thoughts by practicing/meditating. Here are some things, that kept me thinking about this topic. - Sarah

Dr Masaru Emoto's Water Experiments
How thought creates Vibration and Frequency | Masters of Matter
Meditators Focus Good Thoughts on People, Effects Studied
The Moon Mysteriously Disappeared 900 Years Ago, and Scientists Think They Know Why - VICE
Get into vibrational alignment (let the LOA do the rest) - Abraham Hicks
Love you & Everyone you love
Yoga Vermont | Patreon
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