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YOGAVERMONT - David Swenson Q&A this Sunday!

Free and open to everyone Q&A with David Swenson this Sunday, July5th at 11:00EST.We will gather
YOGAVERMONT - David Swenson Q&A this Sunday!
By Sarah  • Issue #54 • View online
Free and open to everyone Q&A with David Swenson this Sunday, July5th at 11:00EST.
We will gather questions ahead of time and Kathy will ask or we will unmute you so you and David can talk directly. Here’s the link to leave your questions!
(This is also located on our website and in Instagram bio.)

Next WEEK! Kathy teaches every morning at 9:00 and will host talks & pranayama after. (No 9:30 classes, join us at 9:00)

David last year in Burlington
David last year in Burlington
Teacher Training This Saturday
9:00-11:00 Practice
We will end an hour early so you can get your BBQ on.
Everyone is always welcome. Pop in anytime.
Kathy & David Last year
Kathy & David Last year
Summer Intensive with Kathy July 6-19th
July is the best time to practice.
JULY 6-19th
9:00 am Practice everyday with Kathy
10:45 topic conversations, philosophy, pranayama etc.
We will send out some extra newsletter to let you know the topics ahead of time etc so you can drop in if you want.
It will run just like Saturdays, you can get lots of YTT hours, you can deepen your practice, or just hang out with friends.
Everyone is welcome to join or pop in anytime.
For more information or to register and let us know you are coming click here. You are also welcome to just show up!
Community Corner
Maya's new coffee shop and sweater project!
Maya's new coffee shop and sweater project!
Our community corner update this week comes from Maya! Thank you Maya! We always love hearing updates from everyone. You can email us at if you’d like to contribute!
 Hi!! Okay so here’s what’s been going on with me: since December, I’ve been working hard to open my business. Any given day, I could be laying brick, doing a coffee tasting, or conducting job interviews. It’s been a really hands on project for me and I’ve loved all of it. I’ve had the chance to reconnect with the community I grew up in, which has been really rewarding. We are so close to opening now and I can’t wait to share it with everyone once it’s safe to be in public spaces together again! During quarantine, I had a lot of time to knit. I learned to knit in October of last year and I’ve completed a ton of projects. It feels really nice to have a hobby where I can do something with my hands. Before COVID, I also had a chance to travel to Nashville to volunteer at a coffee competition. It was a really spontaneous trip (I booked the flight less than a week before I left). It was a ton of fun and I’m very grateful I went.
I miss interacting with people! I’m definitely an extreme extrovert and it’s been hard for me socially working with just a few people. However, I’m grateful for the time I got to spend away from the business during quarantine. I never would have been able to spend that much time with my partner otherwise, so it was a real gift. It fills my heart to see so much human compassion in the world right now—we need to stand up for one another now more than ever. My last message to everyone is: please vote even if you don’t believe in our system! Also I miss everyone from the studio and that I love you all. 
Instagram: maya.e.bee & UncommonVT
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