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YOGAVERMONT - Bed is my new yoga prop

Last week on our Instagram stories we asked, 'Learning anything about yourself lately?' Svadhyaya dis
YOGAVERMONT - Bed is my new yoga prop
By YOGAVERMONT  • Issue #43 • View online
Last week on our Instagram stories we asked, ‘Learning anything about yourself lately?’ Svadhyaya discoveries ran the gamut from how often you peed to food you are drawn to noticing deeper relationship with your bed.
Bed is my new yoga prop
Bed is my couch
Bed is my desk
It turns out there’s a lot of interesting things about beds throughout history. You can read about it in this book Everything We Did in Bed
In this sweeping social history that covers the past seventy thousand years, Brian Fagan and Nadia Durrani look at the endlessly varied role of the bed through time. This was a place for sex, death, childbirth, storytelling, and sociability as well as sleeping
And of course yoga in bed or using the bed as a prop can be the best. Send us a short video of your bed as prop or whatever fun prop you’ve started using at home. We love learning together.

Bed as Yoga Prop.
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We meet at 9 to practice. After practice there is a break and we come back and chat about philosophy, mantra, any questions or answers you might be sitting with.
You can join us for just the practice. Just the conversation or a little of both.
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Everyone is always welcome to everything. We love seeing your dogs & kids, books & plants. We love interruptions. They are our meditation.
Meeting ID: 961 778 1298
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Things to know about our Virtual Studio:
You can tune in late or leave early.
You don’t have to participate. We do not care what you are doing.   You can have us on in the background while you clean your house, paint, garden, nap. It’s nice to hear friends ujjayi, laughter or falling.
Patreon has practice videos up, more all the time.
Reach out to us with suggestions, questions or topics of interest.
We love us. We are so happy to be connected. Thank you for sharing your personal practice space. It fills our hearts.
xoxoxo Kathy & Sarah
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Reads & Views about Beds
15 Year Old Who Photographed John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Bed-In Reflects on the Moment 50 Years Later
Eight artists who made masterpieces in bed
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