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YOGAVERMONT - Act for the action's sake.

I have been working my way through Ira Schepetin's talks on the Bhagavad Gita. He says, we can lea
YOGAVERMONT - Act for the action's sake.
By Sarah  • Issue #74 • View online
I have been working my way through Ira Schepetin’s talks on the Bhagavad Gita. He says, we can learn from the book those practices which will help us realize that self. That only way to get free from desire is to know the self, which never had any desires. The self is that which is never changing. If it it changes it is not the self. The self is ever present, existing all the time, and in all space.
Here in Chapter two it discusses our actions, while the book in a practical sense encourages actions, those actions are a stepping stone to knowing the self. It also says, non action does not help us to know the self.
You have the right to your action.
but never to your actions’ fruits.
Act for the action’s sake.
And do not be attached to inaction.

Self-possessed, resolute, act
without any thought of results.
open to success or failure

Or to rephrase it in the language to Tao Te Ching
Do you work, then step back.
the only path to serenity.
Ira continues by asking questions about how actions we perform might be thought of as in service to others but also to self.
Thank you for thinking together and practicing together.
xoxo, Sarah

Happy Diwali, Festival of Lights
Photos from our friend Shiva in Bangalore.
Photos from our friend Shiva in Bangalore.
Yoga Teacher Training
Community Corner from Cecelia!
Like for many, 2020 has been challenging. I’m missing my yoga community. I’m missing sharing breath, sweat, and laughter — in person. To keep my spirits up, I’ve been swimming more than ever this year.
This summer, you would have found me in a lake almost every single day. When September set in and the sunlight began to retreat, my heart sank with the end of my open water swim season. So, I decided that this would be the year that I push my limits and find a way to stay in the lake beyond my usual Labor Day weekend finale. Serendipitously, two cold water swimmers posted on my local Front Porch Forum…and I answered their call. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My first swim with them was on September 28th, which was an instant personal record for me. Immediately, I knew there’s something truly magical about cold water swimming. The water is eerily quiet and crystal clear. In its still iciness, it feels as if my senses are so much more acute despite the complete numbness of my extremities. When the swim is over and my body begins to warm up again, it feels as if I’m getting to know my nerve endings for the first time as they come back online one by one, and I wonder, “Is this what it feels like to be born into the world?”
It is now Nov 15th, my last swim was yesterday. Air temp was 36 and water temp was 45. I’ve transitioned to a full length 5/3mm wetsuit but my pod is still in “skins”, just their swimsuits. As the temperature continues to plummet, I have no idea how much longer I can keep swimming. So I approach every swim as if it could be my last one of the season. And, this makes me cherish each time I walk onto Charlotte Beach and cap up – I feel completely alive and present.
You can find Cecelia here on instagram: @iceceliawu

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