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Don't let the little differences (in the way people teach the practice) distract your mind.Good teach
By YOGAVERMONT  • Issue #56 • View online
Don’t let the little differences (in the way people teach the practice) distract your mind.
Good teachers create independent students.
Tightness = stability.
Use your energy to to be a better person.
Respecting the lineage is about acknowledging your teachers.
~A few thoughts from David’s talk…if you missed it, catch it below or on Patreon

Week one of the summer intensive is wrapping up. There will be videos posted on Patreon and on Youtube. Come hang out with us in person or enjoy the recording. You can always pop in for just practice or just pranayama or just to say hi.
  • Friday & Saturday this week 9-12
  • Sunday Kathy will sleep or sun-bathe, there will be no pranayama. (Also no T&Th evening class next week)
  • Next week Monday-Saturday 9-12
  • Practice starts at 9, T&Th have been vinyasa based ashtanga. Other practices are more traditional ashtanga with some pauses to break things down. You can always do whatever you want!
  • Usually at 10:45 break for a couple minutes. We gather again and to work on a couple pranayamas and the hand mudra sequence. There’s plenty of room for questions and to explore any topics you like.

Discussion with David Swenson!
Discussion with David Swenson!
Community Corner
Michelle's Garden!
Michelle's Garden!
Our community corner update this week comes from Michelle! Thank you Michelle! We always love hearing updates from everyone. You can email us at if you’d like to contribute!
Medicine is for the body, heart and soul. Your medicine should cleanse your body, release your heart and lift your soul. Medicine can be a creative practice, a learning practice, and devotional practice. Medicine can be poison, some poisons may be medicine.
This year I am reflecting deeply on our (human) access to deep medicine. May all beings find their medicine and may we all support each other in the search for meaningful wellness.
~A short blessing from Michelle
You can follow Michelle @saltash.botanicals and @_apis.mellifera_
Reads & Views
Thank you friends for sharing what you’ve been listening to and watching. This list is a collection of things we find interesting, maybe encourages us to expand our thinking and/or inspires us in practice in any and all of the limbs. Email, text DM, anything you come across we will share with the group. Thanks Claire and Issac for your submissions this week!
Belly Bounce - Miss Eaves
Behind Bars, but Still Posting on TikTok | WIRED
Love you & Everyone you love
Summer Intensive Day 2 Pranayama and Hand Mudras
Summer Intensive Day 2 Pranayama and Hand Mudras
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