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Saturday - Yoga Teacher Training 9:00-Noon reading bodies/assistsNoon-12:30 Lunch12:30-1:30 Japa1:30
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Saturday - Yoga Teacher Training
  • 9:00-Noon reading bodies/assists
  • Noon-12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30-1:30 Japa
  • 1:30-2:00 savasana
Everyone is welcome to come learn and practice on Saturdays. Your Patreon Membership ensures we can offer the studio & trainings to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Thank you for helping to create this warm and inclusive community.

Sanskrit Level 1 with Sarah LaFleur in April
Sarah LaFleur will be here in April to teach Level 1 Sanskrit
Sarah LaFleur will be here in April to teach Level 1 Sanskrit
Get to know Sarah LaFleur
How did you come to study Sanskrit? 
I took Sanskrit Level 1 in 2012 because my ashtanga teacher, Zoe Mai, was teaching the course and strongly suggested I attend. I had merely a casual interest in the language, but I left the weekend-long course with the sensation of experiencing something rare, real, and ancient. I continued to study with Zoe and was fascinated by the degree of healing and insight that chanting and studying Sanskrit offered. It began with baby steps — realizing that I was experiencing the full range of the palate while I was chanting a difficult text, for instance. The steps became more complex, such as learning to read Devanagari fluently, but as I began to take more steps I realized every step was a baby step — every step was a new beginning. 

There is a Sanskrit word, “pranava,” which means Om, or the sound at the heart of creation. My teacher’s teacher, Vyass Houston, writes in “Yoga Sutras: The Practice” that pranava contains “a primal sense of beginning.” It is eternal and continuous, and paradoxically because it is eternal, it is ever-new. This aspect of the language, it’s eternal “beginning-ness,” met me where I was and offered a kind of grace and inspiration that pulled me along, past my frustrations, doubts, and lethargy. I believe the language is a spirit and force of its own. It compels the student to move past her own limitations and even the language itself. I still don’t quite understand it. But Sanskrit came to me as much as I came to it.
…to be continued and posted on the website
Summer Intensive with Kathy
Daily practice, assists, pranayama, mantra, conversation and maybe some cliff jumping.
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