Woolly Rebellion

By Katharine

Hand picked news for nerdy fibre crafters

Hand picked news for nerdy fibre crafters

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48 hours to go! Join the Make-a-long on Kickstarter

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and supported the project so far. I am blown away by your enthusiasm!This week started with me finding out that I'm not actually allowed to offer a discount code as a reward on Kickstarter. That derailed me from t…


7 days left! To support the Make-a-long on Kickstarter

We're currently 61% funded. Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far. I am feeling so much FOMO about my own project!I'll definitely be making a temperature blanket in 2022, but I want to make it with friends, and I want all the extra bits that co…


Thank you for joining the Woolly Rebellion

Hi Crafters,Welcome to our new subscribers, It's wonderful to have you here!I'm Katharine, and you can find me online as @knittedbynails and my yarn shop at @woollyrebellion.I like knitting nerdy things, right now I'm working on a very special Christmas jumpe…


Temperature Blanket Make-A-Long Kickstarter goes live Monday at 17:30 GMT - Woolly Rebellion

With that in mind, this keeps getting pushed back, as I feel like I have to be READY™.So here we go, I'm making the call, I'm setting the date. It's happening!


📰 What is Knitflixing? Woolly Rebellion - Issue #45

Big news! I'm planning a Kickstarter campaign.It's the coming together of two goals for me. Adding a new yarn to the Woolly Rebellion shop - namely, West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab DK. Knitting a temperature blanket in 2022.The ideas is that you can take pa…


🛒 Bargain sock yarn bundles - available today only!

Did you bag a bargain?Don’t forget that, as a subscriber to the newsletter, you can get a discount in the Woolly Rebellion shop. Use the code WOOLLYREBELS at checkout to get 10% off your next order.Remember, every purchase direct from my website plants a tree…


📰 How do you feel about making things for other people?

It's Katharine from Woolly Rebellion here


🦚 New Sock Knitting Kit

New in the Woolly Rebellion shop!


Christmas has come early at Woolly Rebellion

West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas sock yarns have become legendary! And there's a new colourway this year - called Vintage Tinsel.


The Woolly Rebellion Birthday Sale is open!

I went live with the sale early! And there's an extra discount for subscribers.


Woolly Rebellion -A quick update!

I don't know about you but I think that a plentiful supply of TV has kept me going over the last 17 months. Thank goodness for so many streaming services. Here's a couple of TV shows I'm really excited about! I'll definitely be knitting while watching these n…


What to do tonight if you're not into Football - Woolly Rebellion - Issue #38

If you'd rather spend the evening with me, generally being a big old geek, here's how...


Pre-orders & pressing pause - Woolly Rebellion - Issue #37

Hi Crafters,Yarns sales have slowed right down. I've sold less in May 2021 than I did in May 2020, when I didn't stock a fraction of what I do now. That makes sense, last year we were in the midst of lockdown and now we're in the process of opening back up.My…


Woolly Dreams - Woolly Rebellion newsletter #36

I love a good self-striping yarn and I know many of you do too, but have you ever wondered how it's done on a commercial scale? I came across this video a few days ago and even though it's in German, it's still fascinating to see the process.


Bag yourself a bargain BUNDLE this weekend 🎢 - Issue #35

There are lots of yarn, knitting and crochet themed BUNDLES from other Indie Rollers too - which one will you get?


I'm still logged out of Ravelry - Woolly Rebellion - Issue #34

I should be back at Hungerford Market with the Woolly Rebellion stall on Wednesday 14th April, as non-essential retail is now able to reopen in England.Next weekend, on Saturday 17th April, I'll be taking part in the Indie Roller community's BUNDLE event. I'l…


What are you making this week? Woolly Rebellion - Issue #33

What have you been watching or listening to while crafting this week? Here's some suggestions from me...


🌳 Plant a tree every time you buy from Woolly Rebellion

What have you been watching or listening to while crafting this week? I'd love to get your suggestions.Here’s one from me…


Woolly Rebellion - Issue #31

What have you been watching or listening to while crafting this week? Here's a recommendation from me.


New website and new products for the Woolly Rebellion shop

Now that Woolly Rebellion has its own website, I can give you all a discount to say thank you for subscribing and being a part of my Woolly Rebellion. Use the code WOOLLYREBELS for 10% off your first order via the Woolly Rebellion website.Due to the complicat…