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Temperature Blanket Make-A-Long Kickstarter goes live Monday at 17:30 GMT - Woolly Rebellion

Temperature Blanket Make-A-Long Kickstarter goes live Monday at 17:30 GMT - Woolly Rebellion
By Katharine • Issue #46 • View online
Hi crafters,
The last time we chatted, I told you that I’m planning a Kickstarter campaign. That was super scary for me. I’m often guilty of planning a thing, then posting about it once on my Instagram and then if no one buys or interacts, I don’t feel so bad.
But with this, I know it will never work if I don’t shout it from the rooftops to everyone!

With that in mind, this keeps getting pushed back, as I feel like I have to be READY™.
So here we go, I’m making the call, I’m setting the date. It’s happening!
What's happening?
I’m launching a Kickstarter for a Make-a-long!
Don’t worry, I’ll explain what both of those things are.
I want to get a group of crafters together to make temperature blankets, or scarves, in 2022. There will be kits giving you everything you need to take part, a Facebook group for all participants, and monthly virtual get-togethers via zoom.
Story time...
Before I get into specifics, I want to share something with you.
While putting this Kickstarter together, I keep thinking about Marlborough Mop.
Marlborough Mop is a funfair held on the Saturdays before and after 11th October every year in the town of Marlborough in Wiltshire. 
I’ve lived near Marlborough for most of my life. When I was a kid, we used to get dressed up in coats, scarves and gloves to go to the Big Mop on the second Saturday. We would struggle to find somewhere to park, then walk down towards the high street, the music getting louder with every step, and the smell of generator fumes and fried food getting ever more intense. 
I’d come home with a balloon on an elastic, a big bag of candy floss, and some small toy I’d won by launching a rubber fog at a lily pad with a mallet. 
The evenings were cold and you had to buy a styrofoam tray of chips if you wanted to warm your hands after a couple of trips down the helter-skelter. 
Marlborough Mop Fairs 1992 - A film by Ian Philpott
Marlborough Mop Fairs 1992 - A film by Ian Philpott
But in recent years, I’ve been to the Mop in a t-shirt. 
I keep wondering if I’m imagining it, basing these points of comparison on one memory of a particularly cold October in the early 90s. But I don’t think I am. 
That level of change in my lifetime is unsettling.
What is a temperature blanket?
A temperature blanket is knit, or crochet, one stripe per day. The colour you choose for the day depends on the temperature in your location. Most people pick a colour pallet that goes from cool blues to warm oranges and reds. 
In this make-a-long there will be the option to make a blanket or a scarf using the same technique.
I'm making a swatch while working on the Kickstarter campaign.
I'm making a swatch while working on the Kickstarter campaign.
This project appeals to me because it gives me a daily reminder to be aware of the world outside, the changing of the seasons, and the effects of climate change.
A daily reminder to try to do a little better than the day before. Consume less, re-use more. Figure out a way to recycle something that doesn’t go in my green box. Walk rather than taking the car. Spend money where it counts as a little vote for our environment because that sure feels like it has more impact than actual votes. 
What is a Kickstarter?
If you’ve not heard of Kickstarter before, it’s basically a way for creative projects like this to raise a specific sum of money from its supporters to make it happen. If we don’t raise the full amount, nobody has to pay a penny.
There are several ways to take part in the make-a-long, choose the reward tier that suits you. I’ve set a funding target of £975. That will allow me to run the make-a-long and break even. If we don’t reach the funding goal, it won’t be able to happen.
You can support the project for as little as £2, and take part in the make-a-long from £30.
You can take part from anywhere in the world, but I will only be shipping physical products (like yarn and knitting needles) to supporters in the UK.
Also, this is a way for me to gauge enthusiasm for the yarn I’ve chosen, West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab DK, before investing in it as permanent stock for the Woolly Rebellion shop.
What is a Make-a-long?
You have a make-a-long (or MAL) when several crafters make a project around a central theme. It might be the same pattern, or it might be as loosely connected as making anything before a set deadline. MALs usually come with a hashtag for sharing on social media. The hashtag for this Make-a-long will be #WoollyRebelsMAL.
Sometimes you get KALs (Knit-a-longs) or CALs (Crochet-a-longs), but I like MAL for this project because you can take part no matter what your craft is. As long as you end up with a temperature inspired project at the end of it. 
This Make-a-long will come with a Facebook (or similar) group and monthly get-togethers on Zoom. 
Every backer plants a tree 🌱
The Woolly Rebellion shop has a forest, planted by the folks at Ecologi. For every backer of this project, I will add a tree to the forest. In practice, I will probably add more than one tree per backer because I’ll buy them in batches of 25. 
This helps to offset the carbon generated by our make-a-long. 
How to take part
Follow the project here
There obviously needs to be a deadline to get these funds in so that I can order all the supplies and get them to you, through the hectic festive period, before we all want to cast on our blankets or scarves in January.
The Kickstarter will end on Sunday 28th November at 18:00 GMT. If you’re reading this too late, I plan to make the kits available on the Woolly Rebellion website after I’ve fulfilled the Kickstarter orders. That can only happen if this project gets funded, so please support via Kickstarter rather than waiting. You’ll save money that way too.
I'll be Live on Instagram at 17:15 GMT
Final thoughts
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit reply to this message or hit me up via emailTwitter or Instagram.
If you know someone who might like to take part in the Make-a-long, please forward them this newsletter.
Likes, shares, and retweets go a long way to helping spread the message too. So thank you if you’ve interacted on Social Media recently.
Until next time…
Take care and happy crafting!
Katharine :)
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