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By Mike & Roland

Insights, innovation, news, views and cutting-edge wine business trends from around the world. Visit our website to learn more about how Wine Business Advisors™ can help you maximise profits in your wine business.

Insights, innovation, news, views and cutting-edge wine business trends from around the world. Visit our website to learn more about how Wine Business Advisors™ can help you maximise profits in your wine business.

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Wine Business Advisors™ announces expansion & a change in leadership.

“Roland has accumulated a wealth of experience and a long track-record of innovation and leadership in the fine wine, online retail & auction environment. I am excited to partner with Roland and see the immediate value that will accrue to our clients” - M…


Wine Business Advisor - Introducing 'Thirst Fursdays' - Issue #29

Click here to watch the first WineCast with the inspirational Jenna Littler, Formerly Senior Vice President at Burberry.


Wine Business Advisor - the Annual Review - issue #28

Wow - we have really grown in the past 365 days.


Wine Business Advisor - the 'Surfing the Sales Boom' Issue #27

Let Wine Business Advisors help you adjust your wine strategy for financial success.


Wine Business Advisor - The Planning for 2021 Issue #26

Now is the time to start building your wine & hospitality company strategy for the new '2021 normal'. WBA can help you get ahead - and stay ahead. Opportunity is everywhere. So {{first_name}}, are you ready to take advantage?Give us a call.Mike Ratcliffe,…


Wine Business Advisor - Issue #25 "Consumers love simplicity"

How can Wine Business Advisors help you become massively succesful? Please make contact.


Wine Business Advisors is expanding - read all about it here.

South Africa's premiere global Wine Business Advisory is going from strength to strength.


Wine Business Advisors - The Memorable Brand Experience issue #23

Howzit {{first_name}},Below is an awesome article on creating value in your brand and why the consumer experience is key. Make sure that you read it! Insight: brands that "don’t create extreme value will be the first to go." Now is the time to audit your bran…


Wine Business Advisor - The Lady Penguin Issue #22

Hi {{first_name}}, (or Nǐ hǎo 你好 {{first_name}} in Mandarin)The Chinese wine market is a massive enigma to most wine marketers, but is quickly becoming the most lucrative wine market in the world and simply cannot be ignored. Chinese marketing channels are qu…


Wine Business Advisor - the Millennial Problem - issue #21

In late 2019, the millennial generation, born between 1981 & 1996, quietly overtook baby-boomers as the largest population group in the United States, and soon in the world. In case your perception is that this generation is still at school, think again, …


Wine Business Advisor - issue #20

Hi {{first_name}},You will notice that the name and design of my newsletter has evolved to reflect my advisory business and now integrates all wine business & marketing communications under one single brand.I will still bring you genius insights, wine inn…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Generation Z Issue #19

While many wine marketers have been focusing on selling wine to Millennials, more than 20 million Generation Z consumers have reached legal drinking age since 2016 - and the new generation is not going away - its picking up speed. Dubbed the anti-Millenials, …


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Rosé Beer Issue #18

Could it be true? Last week we spoke about the merging of interests between wine and cannabis. But now wine and beer? Is beer really jumping onto the rosé wagon. A beer/wine hybrid? What would the French say? “It’s the use of grapes as a fermentable to produ…


Wine Marketing Weekly - Wine, Drugs & Energy drinks Issue #17

Just when you think that the wine industry couldn't get more weird - along comes the multi Billion Rand global energy drink (& Cannabis) industry. Determined to delink high-altitude terroir and connect it with with a new type of high. Blurring moral lines…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Fine Wine Investment Issue #16

There is much debate and discussion around the emergence of South African wines as an investment asset class. The naysayers have been partially silenced by the third consecutive sold-out Wine Cellar Investment Portfolio offering. The discussion around an actu…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Artificial Winetelligence Issue #15

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, driverless cars, deep-learning algorithms and autonomous winemaking are changing the world of wine as we speak, but few wine marketers have really started positioning themselves for this brave new world. Take 10 min…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Marijuana Issue #14

Weed, cannabis, dagga, marijuana or whatever you want to call it may be the biggest threat to face the wine industry in years? Or perhaps it is the biggest opportunity? Take a few minutes to peruse this curated selection of views and opinions on this momentou…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Fine Wine Investment Issue #13

It is 24 years since Michael Fridjhon wrote in Wine Magazine that the South African market was too small to provide opportunities for wine investment (Fridjhon,1994). Asked whether that is still the case in 2011, Fridjhon replied that it is;‘There is insuffic…


Wine Marketing Weekly - The Changing Luxury Issue #12

We take a close look at the rarefied world of fine wine investments and the launch of two new domestic investment funds. Is the time right for South Africa wine investment?


Wine Marketing Weekly - the targeting millennials issue #11

Next week: we focus on artisanal and luxury wine marketing. Stay tuned.