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Wine Business Advisor - the 'Surfing the Sales Boom' Issue #27

The Wine Business Advisor™
Wine Business Advisor - the 'Surfing the Sales Boom' Issue #27
By Mike & Roland • Issue #27 • View online
Guess what Dude?
The new normal is here.
Sales in major wine markets are stronger than ever and records are being broken daily. Online is the answer to almost every wine sales question as consumers flock in overwhelming numbers to their phones for their next (mixed) online case order. High-end wines have never had it so good as surging stock markets continue to accelerate consumer spending out of a tough Q2 in 2020.

Unfortunately, most wineries don’t recognize most of the positivity in this opening paragraph. Even the classic 80/20 principle is too optimistic at the moment. It is more realistic that a 90/10 split exists where 10% of wineries are experiencing the boom. The ‘good times’ and the record sales are being gobbled up by the strong brands – at every price point. Individual wines (not necessarily wineries) are booming. And these wines are getting stronger.
So Dude, are you ready to ask for some advice? 
WBA can help you adapt your business strategy for success.
Let’s chat.
FarmerMike™ 👨‍🌾
The greatest wines produced in South Africa are nothing compared to the wines of the coming years. Intellectual build-up, international travel, global influence, a youthful industry, discovery of new sites, old vines & the growing appreciation of our ancient soils bodes well.
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Mike & Roland

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