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MoneyBites: Were Student Loans Your Worst Financial Decision?

August 12 · Issue #16 · View online
Minki at WINii
For our “Hey Stranger!” series this week, we asked 1) “what was the best money advice you ever received?” and 2) “what was the worst financial decision you ever made?”
Surprisingly, and unsurprisingly, two of the random women we interviewed chose going to a private liberal arts college as the worst financial decision they made. AKA student loans. (Videos #3 & #4)
What about you? What’s your #moneystory and is student loans in the picture?
1) Worst Financial Decision? His Name Was Richie (3:10)
2) Save Your Birthday Money. They Add Up! - YouTube (2:09)
3) Surviving as a PhD Student - YouTube (5:12)
4) NYU Wasn't Worth It! - YouTube (4:55)
5) Don't Be Gullible - YouTube (4:53)
6) Follow Your Passion. Money Will Follow. - YouTube (4:52)
The other common theme we heard was to save more than you spend. I’m fairly conscious about my budget but I still want to look professional and well put together when I’m walking into a meeting room. 
Here’s one of my favorite designers on Youtube re: “8 Tips to Dress Well On A Budget.”
How to dress well on a budget (without fast fashion) | Justine Leconte - YouTube
Then again… is this all just my ego talking? Perhaps the way I look doesn’t matter when I’m pitching my company groveling for money to VCs?? Is it all in my head???
Maybe I should take notes from this Japanese egg yolk…
How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan - YouTube
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You made it this far - Hooray!
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