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MoneyBites: Losing your entire trust fund to Bernie Madoff

August 19 · Issue #17 · View online
Minki at WINii
MoneyBites Podcast
How resilient do you think you’d be if after one day, you lost your entire savings? In 2009, Amy received a phone call from her step-mother saying that they’ve lost their entire trust fund entangled with the Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme. Here’s her #moneystory on how she persevered, paying off $30k in debt in 6 years while starting her new business, and surviving health scares. She’s a WINer! 
Episode 14: Trust Fund, Bernie Madoff, and Starting Over Again (28 min)
Hey Stranger! What's the first emotion that comes to mind when you think money?
1. Trust Fund and Materialism
Stranger received her trust fund in her 60s. Experience over materialism. Looking back, you don’t get as much pleasure from things as much as you thought you would.
2. Being Attached and Not Attached to Money
Stranger wants to be free and not attached to money but still has to pay student loans, etc. 
3. Divorced & Getting Stronger with Money for My Kids
Stranger wanted to maintain custody of her kids after her divorce so she had to become smarter and more disciplined with her money. Taking advice from Dave Ramsey’s radio shows, she made it through and now has found new self empowerment. Giving to charity and the power of sharing.
4. Money is Only Money
Having gone through a difficult year with her family, stranger realizes the “un”-importance of money and takes it for what it really is.

Thank you WINers!
Sincerely, sincerely appreciate all the outpour of love after last week’s newsletter. Thanks for the sharp critiques, gentle nudges, and wonderful inspirations. 

To move onwards and upwards, we’ll be taking a hiatus for the next couple of weeks to regroup. But we promise to come back with renewed enthusiasm for more #moneystories, #moneytips, and #moneymindfulness!

Until then, happy summer WINers!
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