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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - May 5th

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me know
May 5 · Issue #12 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon.
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Amazon Is In A 'Golden Cross' Pattern
Aside from Warren Buffet’s company finally buying Amazon stock, the stock has been on run lately. Seven week to be exact and that’s a record that hasn’t been seen in decades. Per Yahoo! Finance, the stock has now formed what nerds call a “golden cross” pattern, which could signal more gains or exactly nothing but hey, that’s the stock market for you. Either way, it’s a feat considering the issues the company currently faces. From Amazon Prime to Freight (which launched this week), Amazon is making the right plays for a long future that the company controls which, in this economy and climate, is a smart move if you can. China is still a worry but you can bet there’s an internal, secret-squirrel task force that is planning re-entry (or destruction) into that important territory as it forges into new areas and focuses on India.
  • Call your broker and get advice if you have Amazon stock. *NOTE: WDADTW does not give financial advice nor does the author have any Amazon stock.
  • Review your distribution partners. You may want to create a test with Amazon Freight at the very least.
  • The AirTel link below is interesting, run the numbers on using Prime as a way of encouraging loyalty for your brand.
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Sharon Tal Yguardo (Head of Genre Programming) is leaving Amazon Studios. ··· Amazon Prime added A+E History Play service to Amazon Channel. ··· Orange Spain will now include Prime Video ··· Amazon will offer TWITCH users five free games in May. ··· Amazon Prime will be available in Facebook’s ’Portal’ device. ··· Amazon hired Elias Saba as Head of FireTV (Owner of AFTVnews) ··· Amazon Prime TV will debut on Android TV as of this Summer.
Amazon announced one-day delivery is coming. ··· Amazon ad business growth is slowing. ··· Amazon and Ford are unlocking in-car (boot/trunk) delivery to select Ford and Lincoln vehicles. ··· Amazon Pay launches Android P2P payments in India. ··· Amazon is pushing further video search ads. ··· Amazon has expanded Whole Foods delivery to 13 new areas. ··· Phone carrier, AirTel, has created a bundle that offers Amazon Prime. ··· Amazon is hiring hundreds of delivery partners with up to $300,000 in compensation. ··· Souq (Amazon owned company in Middle East) is now ··· Amazon has launched in Israel.
Amazon has hired Alex Holmes, the deputy director of cyber security at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport into AWS. ··· Amazon is testing a Spanish-language Alexa. ··· In-skill purchases for Alexa skills are now available in the UK, Japan and Germany. ··· Amazon Managed Blockchain (a the AWS product that helps companies create their own scalable blockchain networks) is now available internationally. ··· Amazon is planning a delivery centre at Colorado airport (600 jobs).
Amazon Freight has launched its digital freight brokerage program undercutting prices between 26% and 33%. ··· Amazon has slashed the amount of points you get on credit cards for non-Amazon purchases. ··· Amazon has leased space and is hiring for Virginia HQ2. ··· Amazon says fully automated warehouses are at least a decade away. ··· Amazon, Siemens and Honeywell have created robots that can unload trucks now. ··· Amazon is looking for a Prime Air drone operator in Salisbury. ··· Amazon is launching a new fulfilment centre in the Midlands, UK. ··· More working conditions woes for Amazon (Idaho). ··· Amazon is looking to hire a ’Crime Editor’ for its video doorbell company, ‘Ring’ (*shudder*) ··· Amazon has expanded its Denver tech hub. ··· Amazon Arlington HQ launches early. ··· Amazon’s Crystal City location may mean employees never need to leave the campus. ··· Amazon has posted the first HQ2 jobs up. ··· Proxy filings show that Amazon spent $1.6 million protecting Bezos when not at work, including $180k on bulletproof glass for Bezos’s office last year.
— Warren Buffet’s company has invested in Amazon for the first time. [FT]
— An in-depth look behind Amazon Prime and how the program was created. [Vox / Bloomberg]
— How HQ2 could disrupt government IT, for worse. [TechCrunch]
— How Amazon employees stole $100k in Apple products. [PatentlyApple]
— Amazon Go already has competitor in the UK in Sainbury’s supermarket. [The Drum]
— Why Uber is comparing itself to Amazon. [CNBC]
— Small companies that sell through Amazon may be facing a tax time bomb. [LA Times]
— Amazon lost round one in it’s Williams-Sonoma Trademark court case. []
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