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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - May 19th

**** Due to international travel there will be no WDADTW next Sunday. **** WDADTW is the newsletter t
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
**** Due to international travel there will be no WDADTW next Sunday. ****

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Amazon snuck in a huge announcement right at the end of the week, announcing the company led a G-round for food-delivery service, Deliveroo. Ploughing in just over half a billion ($575m), Amazon joins existing investors T Rowe Price, Fidelity Management and Research Company, and Greenoaks. How will Deliveroo spend the money? According to execs, Deliveroo is planning on expanding the UK HQ and push out delivery-only super kitchens which they call ‘Editions’. To date, Deliveroo has raised $1.53BN, although no-one is exactly sure how this new round affects the valuation of Deliveroo. What does this mean? Uber Eats and friends don’t get such a such an easy ride. Deliveroo is a powerful force, and they aren’t letting go of market share without a fight. 
Deliveroo is a large company but they are not as large as Uber. Deliver has 80,000 restaurants, 60,000 riders, 500 towns and cities across 14 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom. In - rough - comparison, Uber Eats is in 30 counties. UberFresh in LA made $3 billion in 2017 alone. While Deliveroo just got a powerful ally it is by no means a done deal that Deliveroo will win the food wars quickly or easily. 
  • Amazon now has - or is on the way to having - a foothold in key European market meal delivery - is it too far to push people for grocery delivery? Lucky they own Whole Foods…
  • Think about your sampling strategy, there may be more opps or willingness to push this now.
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Cannes buzz movie, ’Les Miserables’ (a new one) has sold to Amazon Studios. ··· Amazon cancelled ‘The Tick’ after two seasons. ··· Amazon bought a Lauren Oliver Ya drama series called 'Panic’. ··· Amazon has nabbed the international rights to CBS’s upcoming Star Trek project. ··· Amazon Prime members can now get a subscription to Crunchyroll animation. ··· Cox’s Contour Service now accesses Amazon Prime channels.
Amazon led a funding round in European food-delivery company Deliveroo ($575m). ··· Amazon is using Whole Foods receipts to promote Prime. ··· Amazon has debuted click-and-collect counters in the UK and Italy. ··· Amazon broke ground on its $1.5 billion airport in Cincinnati this week. ··· Amazon’s robots can now pack boxes up to 5x faster than humans. ··· Amazon has launched its own brand energy shots drink product. ··· Amazon launched is primed to launch its own line of janitorial/cleaning supplies under the AmazonCommercial banner. ··· Amazon is selling the pixel 3A/XL - the first time it’s directly sold a Google phone. ··· Adobe and Amazon are working on new program called ’Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers’ to let smaller merchants create branded storefronts. ··· Amazon will likely buy Sizmek ad platform soon. ··· Whole Foods now accepts Bitcoin.
Amazon’s Alexa for Kids devices were found to be keeping data even after parents delete it. ··· Amazon has 34 million Fire TV users. ··· Amazon has announced another $50 tablet, called Fire 7. ··· Amazon rolled out ’Alexa Guard’ to protect your home while you are out (free to all users). ··· Amazon launched the Kindle Lite in Kenya. ··· San Francisco has banned facial recognition software for police use (citing Amazon’s ‘Rekognition’ tech in the PR). ··· New patents show Amazon is making an AI-powered doorbell to prevent package theft.
Amazon India is approaching ’super-app’ status and is now offering domestic flights - a big sign Amazon will be getting back into the travel game in a big way. ··· Amazon’s HQ2 designs are up. ··· Amazon is building special warehouses for hazardous chemicals. ··· Amazon will pay workers to quit and start their own delivery business. ··· Amazon is proposing an air freight hub in Florida. ··· Amazon is being sued over hoverboards. ··· Amazon has won a patent for proof-of-work cryptographic project. ··· Amazon’s healthcare JV has lost COO, Jack Stoddard. ··· Amazon joined the ’Christchurch call to action’ with other big platforms to stop the spread of terrorist content online. ··· Amazon is providing 9 million free breakfasts to over 500,000 students across the US. ··· Amazon’s new Las Vegas fulfilment centre opened.
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SHARE PRICE = $1,869.00··· CHANGE = -38.57 (-2.02 %) ··· MARKET CAP = $920,168.09 B.
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