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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - March 31

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me kno
March 31 · Issue #7 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon.
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Amazon's Reach : Big But Not Omnipotent (Yet)
Context is everything when it comes to Amazon or you can fall down a hole of thinking that the company simply controls everything. Amazon is powerful but the company still has plenty to do in different industries and competition is increasing every day. Bloomberg’s data viz team have been hard at work this week to explain it all. With less than 10% of the entire US Retail market compared to eBay (6.8%), Walmart (4.0%) and Apple (3.8%). The same cannot be said in other areas, Amazon has a strangle hold in several industries including cloud storage (32%), e-books (88.9%), e-readers (83.6%), physical books (42%). Amazon already has 7.5% of the consumer electronic market with its own brand electronics. Bloomberg’s story ends with Walmart scale/reach numbers Amazon will use when regulators come to break it up. With +100 million Prime members across the globe, Amazon remains a force to reckoned with but it does not have the devices that Apple does. Alexa may yet develop into a secret seller but consumers aren’t adopting that behaviour as Amazon (and retailers) would like. Other news that won’t hurt the stock price, only 3% of Millennials don’t use Amazon. Amazon’s power is, perhaps, as Bloomberg misses the speed and intensity which the company experiments and stops doing things. Despite several failures, Amazon isn’t a company that keeps making mistakes, that’s a powerful tool when competitors and whole cities are coming for you.
Amazon may launch a TV news app product for Fire TV app. ··· Amazon has partnered with Nintendo to provide one year of Switch (Nintendo’s gaming platform) for free. ··· Amazon Music is expected to top 35 million users in 2019. ··· Amazon is created a new sci-fi show based on ’Wild Seed’ by Octavia Butler. ··· Jam Media are creating a children’s animation series for Prime Video. ··· MGM’s ’Epic Now’ is now available on Prime Video. ··· Amazon Germany announced the 8-part ’FIFA Gate’ will be on Prime Video. ··· Twitch announced ’Squad Stream’, a feature that lets creators go live together. ··· TWITCH no longer accepts Bitcoin.
Amazon accused of ‘institutionalised theft’ over delayed supplier payments. ··· Amazon India has launched a budget-conscious set of adverts to pull in a new demographic. ··· Amazon now has almost 140 private label brands. ··· Amazon was accused of manipulating what we buy again. ··· Amazon launched its Coachella store. ··· Amazon China announced several Chinese brands have launched international stores. ··· Amazon plans to sell tech through 100 mall kiosks in India. ··· Top U.S. court rejected Zappos appeal in data breach case.
Amazon launched ’Commerce Cloud’ (part of Experience Cloud). AWS will now also have servers in Colombia. ··· Amazon announced ‘Alex for Business Blueprints’, a way of Alexa answering personalised questions ('What is the number for IT?’). ··· Volkswagen now networks factories using AWS. ··· AWS will now be able to use the Havfrue subsea cable thanks to a deal with Bulk Infrastructures. ··· Amazon began offering a new brand of servers this week (M5ad and R5ad Elastic Compute Cloud). Skype will now use Amazon Alexa instead of Cortana. ··· AWS announced general availability of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep archive. ··· Standard Bank Group has chosen AWS as its cloud supplier. ··· AWS announced general availability of concurrent scaling for Amazon RedShift (feature to handle unpredictable demand). ··· Echo Input is now available in Australia. ··· Echo Show is now available in France. ··· Amazon Echo Input is now available in Japan. ··· Amazon now has a ’Trans’ voice for Alexa. ··· Amazon partnered with the National Science Foundation to the tune of $10 million for AI fairness research.

Amazon will created 200 jobs in a new Derbyshire warehouse (UK). ··· Amazon has hired senior FedEx executive, Sean Healey. ··· Amazon will expand Austin Tech Hub with 800 new jobs. ··· Amazon lost its FMCG lead to Unilever. ··· Amazon achieved a perfect score for its LGBT+ policies. ··· ··· ··· Amazon’s healthcare startup (Haven) changed offices in Boston. ··· Amazon sold two offices in Seattle to Zara. ··· Wisconsin will give Amazon a hefty tax break if it creates 1,500 new jobs.
— Bezos is accusing Saudi’s of hacking his phone. [FT]
— Amazon makes billions from drunk customers. [Retail Detail]
— 66% of people start looking for a product on Amazon. [Econsultancy]
— Why Amazon (and Google) could dominate the home security market. [Motley Fool]
— Amazon’s own brands are disruptors yet (but they will be and look the same). [The Grocer/BI]
— The CIA might be the biggest disruptor for Amazon in AWS market. [Bloomberg]
— How the WorldPay deal will up Amazon’s footprint. [Digiday]
— What to do when Amazon cannibalises your online sales. [Search Engine Journal]
— Does Alexa need a robot body? Amazon’s Chief Scientist thinks so. [Verge]
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