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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - March 3

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at Amazon from a variety of angles from specific moves, acquisitions, fringe/subsidiary activities, new patents, partnerships and beyond over the last seven days, WDADTW is your one-stop-shop to know what Amazon is up to and where it’s going next.
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Amazon Gets Personal, Scams and Dash-es Off
Amazon had a busy week as the dust finally settles on NY HQ2 fiasco. After deciding to stop selling Dash buttons, the cardbox abuser announced the Prime members could designate an ‘Amazon Day’ as a way to minimise the amount of cardboard that Amazon uses.
In a beautiful operational win-win for Amazon, the move not only makes them look like the company cares about the environment, but they also get to make more economically sensible deliveries rather than the planet killing 'whenever you like’ ones. To give Amazon the credit it deserves is has a 'goal’ of making 50% of all shipments net zero by 2030. The move is also a beautiful example of branding a thing that is important to a person - 'it’s Amazon day!’.
Perhaps the most significant news was the announcement of ’Project Zero’, the invite-only program that will let brands autonomously flag and remove counterfeit listings of their products from Amazon. Amazon needs to cut down on fake listings if it wants more brand ad dollars (and it really does like those). 
Amazon has removed anti-vaccine documentaries from Amazon Prime Video. ··· Amazon is looking to get around people without credit cards by having Telcos sell their content. ··· Julia Roberts may do another Amazon series after first one (‘Homecoming’) was critically acclaimed. ··· Amazon now has exclusive rights on ATP tennis. ··· Josh 'How I Met Your Mother’ Radner will star in Amazon drama 'The Hunt’.
Amazon announced ’Project Zero’ in a fight against counterfeit brands and goods on the retail site (official site). ··· Not everyone is convinced though. ··· Amazon will open more stores (not Whole Foods) across the US to sell groceries and deliver Amazon goods (smart move). ··· Amazon has been hiring in the UK for its grocery teams. ··· Amazon is now allowing more brands to send samples direct to consumers without their permission. ··· Amazon Prime members can now pick a day for deliveries, Amazon is dubbing this ’Amazon Day’ and it is aimed at saving boxes. ··· Amazon is planning to triple the amount of grab and go stores it has by 2021. Amazon has stopped selling Tommy Robinson’s book. ··· Amazon is planning ’Sponsored Products’ for its AmazonFresh business. ··· Amazon now owns a milk company called ’Happy Belly’.
Amazon will stop selling more Dash buttons but will support existing ones. ··· Amazon is making Alexa more empathic with tone of voice tweaks. ··· Amazon’s ‘Ring’ device has another security flaw found by Israeli developers. ··· Amazon is now partnering with voice-activated blood pressure Liviongo. ··· Amazon has patented new home delivery robots. ··· Lyft selected AWS to run its system on (according an S-1 filing will spend $8m a month until 2021). ··· Accenture is working with AWS to build its blockchain offering.
A coalition of Christian Investors are investigating Amazon for tax issues. ··· Amazon will launch 1000 apprenticeships by 2021. ··· Amazon backed out of a lease in Seattle over tax. ··· Jeff Bezos doesn’t think Elon Musk should colonise Mars. ··· Amazon has put its former Kindle leader on its pharma business. ··· Former PepsiCo chief (Indra Nooyi) has been elected to Amazon’s board. ··· The FTC prosecuted its first fake Amazon review case. ··· Amazon suffered another transport accident involving cargo. ··· NY official Coumo still wants Amazon in New York and isn’t afraid to beg. ··· Amazon is opening up its logistics plant tours program. ··· The Amazon Campus Challenge (fours months to be a success on Amazon) has had double the number of applicants this year in Paris. ··· Amazon’s board is getting more diverse but still has zero VPs that are African-American. ··· Dow Jones suffered a leak of high-risk people on an unsecured AWS server. Amazon has joined the Greater Washington Partnership, and the chambers of commerce for Arlington County and the city of Alexandria. ··· Laws may be getting changed in Michigan because of all the postal (read: Amazon) doorstep thefts. ··· Amazon has hired ex-GM global manager, Alicia Boler Davis but isn’t releasing exactly what she’ll be doing.
— Costco beats Amazon for alcohol sales. [The Drinks Business]
— These are the best-selling books on Amazon ever. [BI]
— Who is faster? Amazon or Microsoft? [Seeking Alpha]
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