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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - June 9th

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me know
June 9 · Issue #16 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

Amazon Prime Air’s New Delivery Drone
Amazon’s big news this week surrounded the future of drone delivery which they say could be ‘within months’ but the law and public opinion aren’t in line with that. The device itself is impressive, Amazon has to make these look fluffy so they’ll not flag any red lights. Imagine a sky full of these devices and likely larger ones (since Amazon cannot live on razor and toothpaste delivery alone) and you start to see where the issues could be (surveillance, overcrowding, impact). The FAA shortly announced it was granting a one-year approval to test the devices in limited ways (i.e. not deliveries). Still learning, very much the future but not quite ready for primetime yet. EU/UK laws are even stricter so, again, don’t expect to see these buzzing overhead anytime soon. The law is the biggest thing holding up drone delivery - the technology is sound and while there will be collisions and issues. The future is clear, rechargeable, solar fleets of drones that help make life easier (and lazier) for all not just Prime members - FedEx, Alphabet and Uber are all gunning to open up this space so expect fast movement as lobbying money starts to flow.
  • Soon isn’t never. Drones are coming and whether it’s direct or to a locker, they will be a staple part of life. Start thinking what that sort of delivery system means or could mean for your products. Bulky packaging may not look so cool now…perhaps it’s time to trim down.
  • Pick a partner. While none are likely looking to be outwardly looking for partners they will be for betas, pr stunts etc. The time is now to start planning and thinking big.
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Epix is now on Amazon Channels. ··· A+E has launched a channel on Amazon Prime Video. ··· ‘Sneaky Pete’ has been cancelled after three seasons. ··· Amazon has sold one of its kids titles to Universal Kids network. ··· Amazon has a first-look deal with Daniel Dae Kim ('Lost’) production company. ··· Amazon has launched Prime Video channels in Canada. ··· Amazon Prime Video will exclusively showcase ’Carnival Row’.
Amazon launched SnapStyle (being dubbed Shazam for clothes). ··· Amazon announced 10 pop-up stores for the UK launching first in Manchester. ··· Amazon launched a clothing line with influencer, Paola Alberti. ··· Amazon will be selling care equipment to the UK Public Sector within a matter of months. ··· Amazon says 10 million items are now available for one-day shipping. ··· Amazon is using footage of suspected thieves to sell its ’Ring’ doorbell. ··· Amazon has pumped $404m into India to fight the competition. ··· Amazon launched the following new private labels this week; AthFit (athletic apparel), August Sky (women’s tops), Brass Tacks Leathercraft (leather belts), Charmsy Silver (jewellery), Envouge India (leather bags), Feith & Felly (wallets and accessories), Honest Paws (pet soaps and perfumes), HugHome (slippers), Indie Star (jewellery), Liumilac (women’s dresses and skirts), Ross & Freckle (men’s casual apparel), Sloyan (women’s swimwear), Turf Sox (socks) and Xixvon (men’s jeans). ··· Amazon India announced that its packaging-free shipment program is now in 9 cities. Amazon is hiring 1000 workers in new Ohio warehouse. ··· Amazon will use L'Oreal’s AR technology make-up app for virtual try-ons. ··· Amazon will hire 2000 people in the California area to service warehouses and other roles.
Amazon showed off a new design for its drone delivery system. ··· Amazon is creating a new mapping system for ground robots. ··· Amazon’s AI is getting an injection that will make it more ‘predictive’. ··· Amazon has opened up the 'App Store for Alexa’ in the UK. ··· Amazon announced Amazon is catching up to Google Home (not in those words, naturally!) ··· NASCAR chose AWS as its cloud partner. ··· Amazon has expanded in Spain with its first logistics network. ··· Amazon reduced the Fire Stick TV to its lowest price ever.
Bezos has bought an $80m flat in New York. ··· New patent shows Amazon wants to hear more of what people are saying. ··· Amazon announced a $1 million fund for ’Amazon Apprenticeships’.
— Amazon is showing off more execs than ever before. [Yahoo!]
— FedEx has cut Amazon as their threat grows. [Bloomberg]
— Amazon Prime Day will be July 15th (source: leaked PR email). [DCW]
— Why Amazon shifted its Late Night strategy. [Vanity Fair]
— 3 Questions on Antitrust for Amazon. [Vox]
— How big tech titans can be moved - reports of regulation. [Economist]
— Amazon may change on the environmental impact is causes from the inside. [Huffpo]
— Inside the human/robot Amazon warehouse. [Wired]
— How Amazon became agile. [Forbes]
— Regulation of Amazon and co won’t be easy, the old models don’t fit. [Buzzfeed]
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