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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - June 30th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribe
June 30 · Issue #19 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribers - May ‘19). Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

Amazon’s Prime Day is no-where near as big as Singles Day in China (+$30 billion in 24-hours) but it does cause a commotion every year thanks to the marketing machine behind Amazon and the deals it offers people. This year is no different except Amazon are having not one but two (!) days of Prime deals (July 15-16) for Prime DAY (!) oh, and a whole month of offers that dribble out early just to ensure people write about you. Offering over a million items at a reduced price - including a lot of Alexa-products (look out for that number in any results reported), Prime Day sales are a closely guarded secret but last year Amazon did say that the company sold over 100 million items and added double-digit new Prime subscribers, the real point of Prime Day versus just shifting old inventory. Keep an eye out for Amazon +650 own-brand labels/exclusive brands to date) and see how much (or little) Amazon pushes them this year - the number available has exponentially increased this year. 2019 should prove a bumper year for Prime Day as people strategically purchase for holidays, birthdays and other occasions as money gets tighter and the dreaded R-word (recession) is increasing in frequency on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Think business. Use Amazon Prime Day to your advantage for your business. Huge savings could be made if the right products are on offer. Keep this link handy for business-only offers products. (Prime Membership needed)
  • Start your own Prime Day activity and think beyond discounts. Shopping behaviours are changing with these ‘mega-day’ opportunities. Website changes and price-matching reinforcement statements may be worth reviewing too. Promote early, use direct methods to contact consumers - piggybacking on Prime Day is possible - or you could buy ads
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Amazon’s sports strategy still ‘undecided’ per Donoghue. ··· TWITCH will have its own Prime Day strategy this year (as will Amazon Prime Music thanks to a Taylor Swift concert). ··· More details about Amazon’s post-Project Runway project have been released. ··· Bob Berney (Amazon Studios Chief) left Amazon this week, Amazon is poaching YouTube to replace. ··· Amazon will release Steve McQueen’s anthology work 'Small Axe’ in the US. ··· TWITCH has launched subscriber-only streams (but you must be a good person to use them). ··· Amazon will be going big at Comic-Con this year. ··· Amazon will open one of its 4-star stores in Texas. ··· Amazon dropped a trailer for the anticipated rapper-doco 'Meek Mill’.
Amazon Prime Day is July 15-16 (yes two days…). ··· Amazon has a counterfeit books problem. ··· Amazon now delivers 48% of its packages in the US (up from 15% two years ago). ··· Amazon changed its rules for small and light packages (they will now need to be lighter and cheaper). ··· Amazon announced the launch of its professional beauty supplies store ‘Professional Beauty’ aimed at salons. ··· Amazon China released its ’Cross-Border Exports’ report. ··· 'Marvellous Mrs Maisel’ star, Rachel Brosnahan signed a first-look deal with Amazon on an upcoming TV series.
Amazon’s surveillance state infrastructure is a chilling read. ··· Amazon’s Rekognition technology misidentifies trans/queer/non-binary people. ··· Amazon was granted a patent this week for controlling lighting that will challenge people like Philips for Smart Home devices. ··· +50 police departments will get access to Ring doorbells across America. ··· AWS announced general availability of Control Tower and Security Hub.
Amazon launched ’Counter’ (in-store-pickup) with 100 RiteAid locations. ··· Amazon’s re:MARS conference was held this week and got interrupted by protestors.
— Amazon is missing out on the rental of things market. [BI]
— You know cashless stores are a thing when Tesco sweats this hard. [Telegraph]
— The Retail Shipping wars are starting - what’s the difference between FedEx and Amazon? [FedEx]
— Amazon takes first place as last minute gift shop. [Tamebay]
— Amazon will make a huge (+$30m) loss on ‘Late Night’. [Yahoo!]
— Trouble in paradise? Amazon lacks loyalty from GenZ. [Netimperative]
— Amazon was the only tech company repeatedly called out during election debates. That doesn’t bode well. [BI]
— What you see on an Amazon warehouse tour. [BI]
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