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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - June 23rd

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribe
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribers - May ‘19). Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

Amazon gets a lot of headlines when it buys companies (see CB Insights timeline above) as the practice is often a quick route into market for the giant and a death knell for others. In reality, the later is rarely true - bar books, Amazon has few real cases for real disruption of industries right now. Instead, Analysts are increasingly looking at patent filings for real insights and foresight into Amazon’s future beyond retail. Often less than decades away from implementation, patents do need to be taken with a pinch of salt as much change change and technology is all about the implementation and intent these days as much as the technology itself. The patent that garnered the attention of media outlets around the world focused on drones and surveillance technology looking for things like open doors, fires etc. Orwellian potential notwithstanding, Amazon pitches the program well but its ’Surveillance As A Service’ tones should fire up warning shots to multiple industries now. Amazon has a long history [PDF] of drone patents with few that are actual realities, however S(urveillance)AAS is a ripe area that feeds Amazon is several ways so we wouldn’t bet against it happening.
  • Computer Vision (field of Machine Learning) is as useful as it can be creepy; picking fruit is one things, picking people off with targeted shots is quite another but not worlds apart. Technology like this highlights the need for regulation when it comes to tech that handles identity and identification.
  • Think about how your company could use CV and drone technology - from security to environmental change, drones have a huge part to play in the future of most businesses.
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Amazon came under fire this week with the Christian community on ‘Good Omens, pledged not to make anymore (jokingly). ··· Amazon will show a marathon of football on Boxing Day (Dec 27th). ··· Prime Reading launched in Canada (offering a rotating list of books for free) ··· Amazon’s Oscar-darling 'The Report’ will be released theatrically in Curzon theatres [UK only]. ··· Amazon Music is streaming on Comcast X1 (first TV cable deal). ··· ··· Twitch bought Bebo. ··· RTL Crime launched an Amazon Prime Video Channel. ··· More details on the geekily-anticipated 'Wheel of Time’ sci-fi title from Amazon (including Rosamund Pike attached) have leaked. ··· Amazon’s uber-violent ’The Boys’ released a NSFW trailer. ··· Sci-fi drama 'Bliss’ will feature Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson (Ed - ugh). ··· ’Dark/Web’ series is set for July 19th premiere. ··· Ilana Glaser (Broad City) will premiere her comedy special 'The Planet Is Burning’ on Amazon Prime Video. ··· TWITCH is suing users who post pornographic/violent streams. ··· Amazon is pulling back on children’s content. ··· Amazon wants more female directors, co-backs ’Free The Work’.
Amazon and Morrisons are expanding same-day delivery in the UK. ··· Amazon has resurrected dorm room deals with ‘Off-to-college’ store. ··· Amazon is cracking down hard on lousy product titles starting July 15, guidelines here. ··· Amazon Fresh is now available in Las Vegas. ··· Amazon is letting Sellers offer 'Prime-Exclusive’ discounts. ··· Amazon Sellers in Europe can now sell Amazon private label brands. ··· Canadian Mastercard Rewards cardholders now get 2.5% cash-back across several Amazon brands. ··· Amazon Spain launched ’Motors’, online car rental (includes: include maintenance, third party insurance, tire replacement, 24/7 roadside assistance and vehicle registration). ··· Amazon India has added four Sort Centres. ··· Amazon has applied for a liquor license in San Francisco.
Amazon patents suggest ’Surveillance As A Service’. ··· Amazon shut down its Instagram clone ’Spark’ after it failed to ever gain traction. ··· Amazon added 2,500 new sounds for Alexa Developers to use. ··· Amazon Fire TVs now have Dolby vision support. ··· Kindle ‘Oasis’ will have temperature reading for night reading ($249.99!). ··· Expect more Ring devices for cars, offices etc per new Trademark grants.
Amazon is hoovering up Madison Avenue talent to bolster its ad business. ··· ··· Amazon will expand its fleet to at least 70 planes by 2021. ··· Amazon was accused of not being transparent with its sustainability report. ··· Amazon and ALD has launched a private car lease initiative. ··· Amazon Air will now fly into Anchorage starting June 27th.
— Amazon’s ’attack’ on AOC is ‘corporate gaslighting’. [The Guardian]
— SnapStyle may not be ready for primetime. [Bloomberg]
— 5 Tried/Tested SEO Tips For Amazon. [TameBay]
— If customers have one-day shipping they spend more and more often. [CNBC]
— Amazon’s one-day delivery race isn’t good for the planet. [Axios]
— Amazon Choice products have been investigated for fraudulent claims. [Buzzfeed]
— Did Amazon leak its Germany figures? [Retail Detail]
— Amazon Echo could be used to detect heart attacks. [Bloomberg]
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