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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - June 16th

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me know
June 16 · Issue #17 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

Amazon has announced the company will shut ‘Spark’, Amazon’s Instagram rival that launched in 2017. Curiously timed with E3, when the world’s video game industry descends into Los Angeles, Amazon also decided to confirm that Amazon Game Studios would reorganise after reports that dozens of game developers were laid off and given 60 days to find new jobs at Amazon. Third to hit the chopping block? Amazon Restaurants, the Uber Eats and Deliveroo competitor launched back in 2015 in Seattle will stop delivering on June 24th. Not entirely surprising considering Amazon pumped in $575 million (with others) to Uber Eats competitor Deliveroo only a few weeks ago. Amazon is making smart cuts and learning from the experiments perhaps for future partnerships, acquisitions etc - whatever comes next, the cuts are fast and focused. Amazon has five acquisitions already under its belt in 2019 and over 50 patents filed, the next bets the company place aren’t like the last. The world is wiser to Amazon and how the company moves and works (e.g. New York/HQ2). Where the juggernaut goes next isn’t always clear but moves to protect the money-maker (AWS) and other crown jewels make sense.
  • Take a leaf out of their book - review what’s not optimal, what can’t be saved, what shouldn’t be saved. Now cut.
  • Think why Amazon does things this way and what it means to their bottom line, culture, external persona. Could your company benefit from thinking and doing such things?
Need a bespoke/full strategy on Amazon? Hit reply and let us know.
Amazon has laid off 60 workers from and reorganising its Game Studio. ··· Amazon is releasing ’The Report’ (Sundance purchase) in theatres before live streaming on Amazon Prime Video for Oscar contention. ··· Amazon will stream more than the premiere league when it comes to football. ··· Sandra Bullock project about her college years will be made into a series by Amazon Studios. ··· Amazon has won the rights to women’s tennis in the UK. ··· Lili Reinheart will star in ’Chemical Hearts’ for Amazon. ··· Amazon has now bought another Agatha Christie novel adaptation.
Amazon and Morrisons are expanding same-day delivery in the UK. ··· Amazon has walked back badly received gaming policies due to fan backlash. ··· Amazon’s second ‘Go’ store in the US opened. ··· Amazon added the following own brands this week; Anlapus - UK (home security cameras), ÇA VA BIEN FASHION - UK (women’s clothing), FightStation - UK (gaming PCs), GH Dynamics (consumer electronics), mPelle (leather bags), MstrSktch (drawing pens and pencils), Rustic Journal (leather journals) and Toyabi - UK - (toys). ··· Amazon has tweaked European seller fees. ··· Amazon has halted sales of its home camera line due to mixed reviews. ··· Amazon has opened up the options for kids content purchases (parents must approve). ··· Amazon has recalled an Amazon-Basics ceramic space heater line. ··· Amazon has new rules for phone provider pages. ··· Amazon Treasure Trucks will now have pop-up kiosks (UK-only). ··· Amazon referral fees for watches and jewellery have been lowered.
Amazon is being sued for allegedly recording kids via Alexa. ··· Amazon has shut down ’Spark’, its Instagram clone. ··· Alexa may soon have opinions and make decisions for you. ··· Amazon Personalize (API that enables developers to add custom machine learning models, like personalized product recommendations, to apps is now available to more customers. ··· Amazon is betting big on ’Reinforcement Learning’ AI/ML. ··· Amazon is betting big on satellite internet. ··· Jeff Bezos is into haptics.
Amazon is looking to revive its loans business. ··· Amazon’s new ’booze’ warehouse in Warwickshire, UK has 400 jobs to fill. ··· Amazon has hired the Washington, DC official who participated in HQ2 talks. ··· Amazon Basics are bestsellers in 22 of 51 categories on Amazon. ··· Amazon has launched a credit card platform (‘Credit Builder’) for the ’underbanked’. ··· Amazon Restaurants is shutting down in the US. ··· Amazon will create a new warehouse in Exeter, UK. ··· Amazon has built a fifth distribution centre in Spain. ··· Legal and General picked Amazon Blockchain for pension project. ··· ··· Amazon will donate $8m to two homelessness charities. ··· Amazon’s Campus Challenge has launched in the UK. ··· Amazon is on a hiring spree in China. ··· Nickelodeon’s VP os social media has joined Amazon Video as Prime Video Head of Social Media. ··· Amazon India launches a huge push for part-time delivery partners.
— Amazon is leading story time in some classrooms. [Bloomberg]
— ‘Amazon’s Choice’ took a battering this week after Buzzfeed’s in-depth piece. [Buzzfeed]
— How Amazon took over Google and Apple to become the world’s most valuable brand. [Telegraph/Kantar]
— Amazon’s online market share down to 38% from 47%. [Bloomberg]
— How Amazon cloned a neighbourhood to train its delivery robots. [Wired]
— How Amazon is using its DSP to get high-quality inventory from Publishers. [Digiday]
— Here are the immediate results from Amazon’s Deliveroo investment. [MarketRealist]
SHARE PRICE = $1,869.67 ··· CHANGE = -0.63 (-0.03 %) ··· MARKET CAP = $920,497.95 B.
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