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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - July 7th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribe
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (22% of subscribers - May ‘19). Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

25 years ago Amazon started as a humble venture. Two and a half decades on Amazon is one of the most important companies out there not just for its valuation but the company’s potential to mess you and industries up with a sneeze. While many scramble to keep up with distribution changes, Amazon keeps on trucking and while you may not like them, you have to admire the milestone the company has achieved and the future senior execs are adamant on building. What do the next 25 years hold for Amazon? Quite possibly a trip to Mars, if Bezos has anything to do with it but the company has more pressing issues on its hands like regulators stopping startup funding (Deliveroo this week), antitrust allegations, technology ethics PR issues, growth expectations and a competitor set that’s keeping them out of countries and making large areas untenable. The next 25 are unlikely to be as slow for Amazon but they are not plain sailing either.
  • Whenever you think Amazon, think long-term. It was only in 2015 that Amazon really began to take off and outshine competitors. While plays come thick and fast, few things are rarely for short-term gain. Amazon isn’t in the short-term win game. Bezos is reportedly only ever thinking a minimum of three years out.
  • Thinking about how Amazon go to where it is, isn’t a bad shout. From ruthless hiring/firing to a focus on automation, the other big learning is the consideration of ideas. The one hour meetings where the first 20 minutes is about contemplation and reading mini reports is something that is foreign to most if not all other businesses. Try and implement something like this for six months.
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Gabby Logan will co-host Amazon’s football show. ··· Amazon’s Lord of the Rings first two episodes will be helmed by Jurassic World director.
Amazon opened a store in Cardiff, Wales. ··· Amazon will make brands pay for Prime Day losses. ··· Amazon will roll out SWA (Shipping with Amazon) in the UK soon (hiring now). ··· Amazon has announced free returns with no box, label or tape needed. ··· Amazon Business has launched Business Prime in the UK. ··· Amazon has improved ‘Add a product’ and 'Edit a product’ workflows. ··· Amazon now lets brands review customer reviews on the brand dashboard. ··· Amazon India announced TRIFED, a program to help small and micro entrepreneurs sell more goods around the globe. ··· Amazon wants Whole Foods to become a beauty destination. ··· Amazon is leveraging stars for Prime Day this year.
Amazon turned 25 this week. ··· Amazon’s clock launched to the UK. ··· Amazon is introducing computer vision into warehouses. ··· Amazon is planning a 43-storey skyscraper in Seattle. ··· Amazon confirmed it keeps your Alexa data even if you delete audio files. ··· Amazon made skill connections for Alexa apps generally available. ··· Amazon worked with law enforcement and its Ring network (but no results).
Amazon has been told to pause any integrations with Deliveroo. ··· Amazon reviews came under fire again (this time through hacked accounts). ··· Amazon will create +2,000 jobs in the UK this year (staff in UK will total +29k). ··· Amazon has asked the FTC for permission to launch its Kuiper internet satellite programme (+3,000 satellites) ··· Amazon is launching fulfilment centres in Guwahati and Patna, India. ··· Amazon will fully buy Rivian (trucking). ··· Amazon will move some production from China. ··· Despite a chequered past in the area, Amazon signed a LGBT+ petition about discrimination laws in the workplace. ··· Amazon will create +1,800 jobs in France by the end of 2019 ··· Amazon will create +1,000 jobs in Italy by end of 2019. ··· Amazon revealed new designs for its Culver City HQ in CA.
— Jeff Bezos is divorced. MacKenzie Bezos is now one of the worlds richest divorcees. [Bloomberg]
— Buzzfeed has only just realised how big the Amazon own brands world is. [Buzzfeed]
— The questions Amazon doesn’t want marketers to ask. [Campaign]
— 9 challenges that Amazon faces on its 25th birthday. [CNN]
— Amazon did not like John Oliver’s segment on them. [Variety]
— Profile of Jay Carney, ex- Obama inner-circle, now in Bezos’s in S-team. [CNBC]
— New job listings suggest Amazon is going into the rental market. [BI]

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