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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - July 14th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (33% of subscribe
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (33% of subscribers - July ‘19). Let me know how you think it can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

It’s 2019 so of course you can now bet on whether Amazon will go down because people need 40% off a Simba mattress. Prime Day - now ’vital’ to Amazon (it’s not - important but not vital) - is making warehouse workers anxiety today and tomorrow and is also expected to rake in a serious amount of cash for Amazon. The big news this week was a poorly timed piece about the NHS partnership Amazon Alexa is part of. Demonstrating that Alexa can read website information out to people, many experts are worried about the data this will give Amazon (and partners…). Not just the data but what is done with it, will it be sold, where it is stored…you get the drift. An insurance company’s windfall, Amazon’s smart move is reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode.
Beyond this, Amazon had a pretty quiet week. While the Taylor Swift concert wasn’t a roaring success externally at least, Amazon again demonstrates what a focused strategy looks like around Prime Day. Spends seem big but not overly crazy, the right horns are being tooted and partnership cards played. Time will tell if we all agreed not to log on and side with the workers who decided to strike on Prime Day. If you do decide to buy, here’s what to avoid.
  • Don’t forget to use the affiliate conversion data you can get to inform future strategies. Editorially, it can tell you what to speak about more or less.
  • Prime Day is also a good opportunity to show your good side, there’s not a lot of that about this year so far…
  • Think about how you can use Alexa, is there a partnership to be had with a service or brand?
Need a bespoke/full strategy on Amazon? Hit reply and let us know.
Amazon Music is the fastest-growing streaming music service. ··· Chris Ramsey will produce a stand-up show for Amazon. ··· Alexa has had her (its?) first number one song (with Ed Sheeran). ··· Amazon Games announced a new Lord of the Rings game. ··· Amazon Primve Video launched on Chromecast. ··· Amazon is still allowing hate-speech to proliferate across its hosting services. ··· Tracy Oliver will write a comedy series for Amazon. ··· Amazon is launching a football content series on August 2nd in 200 countries.
Amazon has promised to retrain 1/3 of its workforce. ··· Lady Gaga exclusively released her beauty range with Amazon. ··· Amazon has promised to stop selling ‘dementia restraints’. ··· Amazon is expanding 'Transparency’, it’s QR code system to stem counterfeiting. ··· Amazon added 5k workers ahead of Prime Day. ··· Prime Day will have over 500 products launch from India alone (here’s the dedicated section - note: it is geo-blocked). ··· JoJo Siwa (Dance Moms) has launched a line of merchandise with Amazon. ··· Amazon is adding 1k jobs in Atlanta. ··· Amazon has dropped the average basked for Whole Foods by $10 (Source: Amazon). ··· Cotton Inc. now has a Limited-Time pop-up offering on Amazon.
Amazon partnered with the NHS. ··· Amazon released an AWS toolkit for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. ··· Amazon is applying more resources to its hinted at waist high robot from last year, titled Vesta. ··· Amazon is making a high-end version of Echo for release next year. ··· Amazon is working hard on making Alexa smarter by recognising the emotional state of the user.
Some Amazon workers are striking on Prime Day. ··· Amazon is planning 2,800 jobs in Germany. ··· Amazon will battle Microsoft in court for the $10 billion Pentagon deal. ··· Amazon execs will testify July 16th on antitrust. ··· Amazon’s dog-leash court case is back with a vengeance thanks to a Third Circuit Court of Appeals panel 2-1 vote.
— How Amazon is retraining its staff for automation. [Vox]
— Protestors demanded that Amazon break ties with ICE. [Guardian]
— Amazon is likely in talks with ‘Just Eat’ after failure to merge with Deliveroo. [Shares]
— What to expect in Amazon’s Q2 earnings. [Investopedia]
— Is accidental sign-up the key to Amazon Prime’s success? [Gizmodo]
— Amazon Nomad is now a job. [The Verge]
— How to prevent negative seller feedback on Amazon. [TameBay]
— TWITCH data will blow your mind. The kiddies are watching. [TechCrunch]
— Here’s how much the TV landscape is changing. [NY Times]
— How Amazon content is pirated. [TorrentFreak]
— A woman created her wedding via Amazon for $3000. [People]
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