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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - Feb 24

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at Amazon from a variety of angles from specific moves, acquisitions, fringe/subsidiary activities, new patents, partnerships and beyond over the last seven days, WDADTW is your one-stop-shop to know what Amazon is up to and where it’s going next.
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Amazon Crashes In Texas...Are China and India Next?
Not a great end to the week as an Amazon Air Prime plane crashed, killing three people in Texas just as HQ2 hot takes were calming down. Expect these to flare up as Amazon retrenches to make its final decision in the coming weeks. Despite the upheaval at home, others are looking further afield for Amazon’s future, and there’s trouble. Saudi Arabia plans are iced, there’s fresh trouble in China, and now India may be rocky. China is a tough nut to crack on the best of days for US companies (ask Apple) but India should have been an easier move, but new regulations look set to thwart big, new players like Amazon from obliterating the market. Amazon competitor, Flipkart (owned by Walmart) just restructured their Indian operations after the country changed its e-commerce regulations which will likely mean fresh upheaval for Amazon (and Walmart) thanks to stronger pushes on data localisation, improved privacy safeguards, anti-counterfeit product measures. Amazon has got a lot of making up to do in a lot of the world. Despite ‘greening up’ with some swift PR there is a damaging report that is about to come out that shows two-day delivery to be strangling the planet with both hands (if you are willing to wait a week, it’s like killing just 20 trees instead of 100 trees). With Walmart looking solid (at least for now) in the US, Amazon needs a win so expect some big announcements to get the share price back up and keep the media and stakeholders happy. Amazon’s most significant problem remains Amazon, everyone wants to take them down.
Original content/hit show ‘Man in the High Castle’ will end with Season 4. ··· Amazon signs more content deals in Spain (and from Indie’s). ··· A rare Q&A with Amazon Studios boss, Jennifer Salke, highlights deep pockets and big dreams (30 movies a year). ··· Amazon is planning a US version of British ’Utopia’ for Amazon Prime Video (Rainn Wilson is already onboard).
Amazon’s China unit is considering a merger with Kaola but is likely ‘too little, too late’ per those on the ground. ··· Despite launching multiple brands recently, Amazon has closed over 220 exclusive deals with brands to create Amazon-specific/exclusive products (outnumbering the amount of Amazon’s own brands), a U-turn away from manufacturing its own exclusive products. ··· Amazon is changing how it reports its physical stores. ··· Amazon Brazil has expanded its operations including quick delivery for +120,000 items. ··· Amazon has launched the “Startup and small producers” program for Prime Now aimed at small Italian agri-food companies, to give them an opportunity to promote and promote their food excellence to Prime customers in Milan.
Amazon Echo Show is now available in Spain and Italy. ··· After technical issues with connectivity, Amazon will begin reselling the Alexa clock. ··· Amazon shipped 13.7m Alexa units in Q4 ‘18. ··· Amazon has filed a patent for video facial authentication.
Amazon Prime Air suffered a crash in Texas that caused three deaths. ··· Amazon has pledged to halve carbon footprint of shipments by 2030. ··· New court documents show health joint venture with Amazon, JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway is mainly focused around Health Insurance. ··· A rare look inside Amazon’s tech test-bed shows scope of their thinking. ··· Amazon has ditched Saudi expansion plans. ··· Rumblings that Seattle growth may slow as Amazon eyes HQ2 in neighbouring state. Amazon is bringing computer science courses to over 1,000 underprivileged schools across 50 states. ··· Amazon Japan won an award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for ‘Promoting Youth Experience Activities’. ··· Amazon is getting serious about AI and Health according to its AI and Health exec.
— Does Amazon want to hide Alexa in your router? (Yes, they do). [Wired]
— How Amazon pays $0 tax. [Vox]
— Amazon is poised to snatch 8.8% of all ad revenue this year, will eat into Google’s ad revenue this year. [eMarketer]
— Amazon Prime Members are more likely to sign up for subscriptions. [RetailDive]
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