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WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Looking at Amazon from a variety of angles from specific moves, acquisitions, fringe/subsidiary activities, new patents, partnerships and beyond over the last seven days, WDADTW is your one-stop-shop to know what Amazon is up to and where it’s going next.
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No-one looked good when Amazon pulled out of building the new HQ2 in New York. The deal just wasn’t in Amazon’s favour so blamo, Bezos departs and blames the other side. Sort of. It was really a misread of the ‘room’ mixed with high stake kickbacks. Despite NY politicians and activists saying it was a win, the loss could be said to be both anti-progress (negative for development and tech jobs) and anti-democratic (polls show 70% of New Yorkers were in favour). Considering there are already +5,000 Amazon employees already in NY, so it’s not like Amazon doesn’t have a foothold in the town. Either way many believe the main issue was that the project began in one political climate and ended it in a very different one. With the deal dead in the water, enquiring minds turn to where next? Amazon isn’t sure either (probably Northern Virginia or Nashville), but one thing most people forget to report or re-report was the incredible amount of information that Amazon now has on the future of America thanks to the nutty HQ2 application process. How it will use it only time will tell but will other tech companies view New York as hostile territory now? Most definitely, but not just New York and that’s the key here. Times are changing (even if our lazy purchasing habits are not). A final thought from Recode’s Kara Swisher in NYT; “Why do we keep buying into the myth that these companies are interested in making the world a better place?” 
IMAGE: Bloomberg.
Expect to hear a lot more about ’New World’ (Amazon’s MMO game) thanks to a successful tease. ··· Naomi Alderman’s ‘The Power’ will be made into an Amazon Prime movie. ··· Simon Cowell may switch ITV for Amazon (or Netflix) for his shows. ··· Amazon’s Terry Pratchett ’Good Omens’ mega-talent-fest is set to air May 31st. ··· Jack Ryan has been greenlit for Season 3. ··· Teased their original 'Lord of the Rings’ project. ··· Ordered 17 new series from 7 countries for Amazon Prime. ··· Got caught selling counterfeit textbooks again. ··· Amazon Italy announced its first Amazon Prime Original’. ··· Amazon Studios bought the rights for 'The Fairer Sex’ a series of Kindle books by Michelle Miller (the first time ever it has done this). ··· Amazon has greenlit a series by Naomi Alterman called ’The Power’.
Austria is looking into Amazon for ‘unfair trade practices’. ··· Amazon made $11.2B in profits in 2018 but will pay no federal income tax and will receive a rebate of $129M due to unspecified tax credits. ··· Launched ’Amazon Moments’ allowing Developers to give users physical gifts for specific actions in 100 countries. ··· Whole Foods sales are flat despite price raises. ··· Amazon has found retail space in the UK for new GO stores (allegedly). ··· Amazon Live’ is a live channel play featuring product reviews for the QVC market. ··· Amazon will add its Amazon Lockers to the Coachella music festival for festival go-ers to send themselves items. ··· Plans on using data from social media to size you for clothing according to a new patent. ··· Amazon Canada announced it was expanding one-day delivery to 13 new cities and towns. ··· Amazon launched two new furniture brands - Movian and Alkove (its first in the area). ··· Amazon and Western Union have created ’Amazon PayCode’, a service that lets Amazon shoppers pay for their purchases in person and in their native currency at their local Western Union offices in 10 countries.
Amazon is now letting people submit custom Alexa skills for certification and publication in the US Skills Store. ··· Amazon are asking smart gadget makers to continuously send status updates to Echo and Home devices, (even if customers aren’t interacting with devices). ··· Amazon acquired eero (mesh WiFi router) and people are not happy. ··· Amazon’s Saudi Prince fiasco may slow growth in area. ··· Amazon led a $700m round in an all-Electric pick-up vehicle company called Rivian. ··· Amazon wants to store Quebec government data on Montreal servers. ··· Amazon announced an Amazon Pay UPI for Android in India allowing them to make payments not only on Amazon but also for things like heating bills without using their credit card details.
Amazon pulled out of HQ2 in New York. ··· Amazon still has a lot of warehouses (288M sq. ft. of warehouses, offices, retail stores, and data centers; all retail adds up to less than 20M sq. ft. and all of AWS uses 10M sq. ft.). ··· Amazon will soon increase its air fleet to 50 planes. ··· Amazon may have ushered the death of a trucking firm, New England Motor Freight who declared bankruptcy this week. ··· Amazon is now giving away analytics that brands used to have to pay +$30,000 to access. Amazon has filed a patent that would connect your identity to your job.
— How Hospitals are using Alexa (and the challenges they face). [Statnews]
— Amazon won’t give up the PR war that it is a good employer, offers Millennial congresswoman AOC a tour. [Independent]
— Are you there yet with your Amazon strategy? [Drum]
— Sean Parker says not to trust Alexa…and that man was President of Facebook. [CNBC]
— Four ways Amazon could continue to shake up your supply chain. [Forbes]
— Even at low spending levels, Amazon is making bank on ads. [Ecommercebytes]
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