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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - August 4th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribe
August 4 · Issue #24 · View online
What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribers - August ‘19). Let me know how you think WDADTW can be improved, simply hit reply or email me here.

After AWS woes last week (see chart above), Amazon’s potential $10 billion contract with the Pentagon is now in jeopardy after President Trump said he may get involved. The Capital One data leak being on your servers doesn’t help matters either (even if it wasn’t your fault). The Pentagon has now paused the contract although not ruled out going with Amazon. Not surprisingly, stocks took a small tumble but essentially any interference by Trump is likely to be challenged in the law courts. A glimmer of hope is coming from India. The Economic Times broke the news about Amazon’s interest in India’s largest brick-and-mortar store, ‘Reliance Retail’. Allegedly, Amazon is asking for just less than 26% of the company. While Amazon is the dominant player in the market, Walmart owned Flipkart would overtake it by 2023. The proposed deal would give Amazon access to thousands of stores which would make the fulfilment of things like groceries possible. Why 26%? India recently changed the laws and so no company, per foreign direct investment (FDI) can own more than 26% of an Indian company.
  • India is a key market for Amazon to remain dominant in. This wasn’t the only news in the region this week either…see below.
  • Expect more investment in India - China is going to take time - and see what opportunities there are for you to get in early.
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Amazon launched its Spotify-esque free Alexa music service (no Prime Membership needed). ··· Amazon is working with BT Sport to offer cheap football content in pubs. ··· TWICH star, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins leaves platform for Microsoft. ··· The first teaser for Amazon’s 'Lord of the Rings’ series debuted. ··· Amazon has created a new show with Bear Grylls that will air in 2020. ··· Woody Allen lost his battle to sue Amazon. ··· Jeff Blackburn, Head of Entertainment/Advertising is taking a year off. ··· Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) has signed a first-look book deal with Amazon for two projects.
Amazon is in talks to buy stake in India’s ’Reliance Retail’ (largest brick-and-mortar chain). ··· Amazon has created Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ themed boxes for the release of her new album. ··· Amazon is under scrutiny from the FTC over selling new Apple devices. ··· Amazon’s ’In-Stock Head Start’ program will help sellers sell product when it is out of stock. ··· Amazon has partnered with PayPoint to be a click-and-collect centre. ··· Amazon may start fining sellers for using large cardboard boxes. ··· Amazon launched ’Prime Shopping Service’, essentially personal shoppers for $4.99 a month - a lure to keep Prime trial customers (and terrible for the environment). ··· Amazon is allegedly planning a food delivery service in India. ··· Dolly Parton opened her official Amazon store this week. ··· Amazon will pass on the imposed French tax to business customers. ··· 'AmazonCommercial’ is a new b2b private label for business customers. ··· Amazon is rolling out its’ second-ever back-to-school campaign.
Amazon’s Pentagon contract bid is in trouble. . ··· Amazon announced Alexa users can opt out of people listening (‘reviewing’) your recordings. ··· Amazon is doing deals with police departments for real-time 911 data. ··· Amazon has killed the Dash button on August 31. ··· Amazon has improved Alexa’s ability to answer complex questions by combining two machine learning techniques that usually compete. ··· VB Assets LLC is suing Amazon for allegedly using its voice technology in Alexa. ··· Amazon has bought the flash storage company ’E8 Storage’. ··· AWS has launched in the Middle East.
Amazon announced two environmental initiatives this week in EU and US. ··· Jeff Bezos sold $1.8 billion in Amazon stock. ··· Amazon will be questioned over the Capital One data leak (held on AWS servers) despite being an issue with Capital One firewall. ··· Amazon is building a distribution centre in Exeter (UK). ··· Amazon is having a long-term storage fee inventory clean-up on Aug 15th. ··· Amazon plans expansion in Pennsylvania (800 FT new jobs). ··· Amazon has expanded the dedicated account manager service to China. ··· MacKenzie Bezos is now the third-richest woman, second-largest Amazon shareholder after Bezos cashed out stock. ··· Amazon is suing a cloud executive that left to work for Google Cloud. ··· Amazon (amongst other big names) is being sued by University of California for LED bulb patent infringement. ··· Ohio will get two more Amazon centres in the next few years.
— How Amazon checks returned parcels allowed an individual to scam them for more than a quarter of a million dollars. [Wonderful Engineering]
— Amazon’s distribution plans explained. [Reuters]
— No Monopoly here! Facebook has TikTok, now Amazon has Wish. [Axios]
— Amazon believes these are top five Christmas toy trends. [Daily Record]
— Ebay is suing Amazon for allegedly poaching staff. [The Verge]
— Stolen goods on Amazon? People won’t care, experts say. [Techxplore]
— How Retailers can survive the Amazon era. [TechCrunch]
— What difference is one-day shipping making? [Tamebay]
— How an Amazon theft ring got the goods. [Fortune]
— Phone Farms in the US may pose a big threat to Amazon. [VICE]
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