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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - August 18th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribe
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribers - August ‘19). Let us know how you think WDADTW can be improved, simply hit reply or email us here.

Mainly a fire-fighting week. Thanks to ex-workers, whistleblowers, undercover media and other sources, the public are aware that the conditions in Amazon’s various warehouses aren’t perfect. The New York Times (and other outlets) took umbrage with Amazon using its workers (possibly bots) to counter the sweatshop/horror show vibe that the company’s warehouses have been given this week. Few real details are known about the ‘army’ of ambassadors that Amazon uses to dispel information found online (mainly Twitter) except they are voracious and in need in help if they are to win using the playbook they have been given. Many use corporate solutions to manage Twitter meaning this isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts. While few are likely shocked by this, the practice certainly goes into the 'Bad Amazon’ bucket. A bucket that keeps needing to be emptied and ever more frequently.
  • Amazon isn’t stupid, this is cheap labour that looks legit to the average user. A smart strategy that other brands could utilise if the rough edges were removed (and probably already do).
  • Amazon knows its days are numbered as it pertains to humans in their warehouses - the goal is to get rid of the whining and fallible humans for safe, fixable robots - the question is can it do it before Congress or another organisation steps in.

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Amazon announced the cast (mainly unknowns) for ’Wheel of Time’ TV show. ··· Jim Gaffigan has a comedy special with Amazon Prime Video. ··· Amazon Prime Video now has 6 million subscribers in the UK. ··· Lawrence ‘Goliath’ Trilling has struck an overall deal with Amazon Studios. ··· NYT bestseller Lauren Oliver’s Glasstown Entertainment has signed a first-look deal with Amazon Studios.
Amazon Prime went down for an undetermined amount of subscribers/time this week. ··· Amazon offers brands ’Choice’ status if they buy ads per leaked documents. ··· Amazon is testing out a new badge for fashion retailers called ’Top Brand’. ··· Amazon is allowing third-party sellers to donate unsold goods to charity via a program called ‘FBA Donations’. ··· Whole Foods employees demanded that Amazon cut all ties with ICE and Planatir. ··· Amazon announced another type of seller promotion with ’7-Day Deals’. ··· Amazon was granted its requested liquor license in CA. ··· Jeremy 'Hawkeye’ Renner has announced a new outdoor product range with Amazon.
Amazon is bringing a Pittsburg consortium AWS services. ··· Amazon says AWS ‘Rekognition’ software can now detect fear on your face using its AI technology for 0.001 cents per image (less if you buy in bulk). ··· Amazon is hiring blockchain experts for its advertising division. ··· Amazon managed blockchain now get stacking support ··· Amazon will provide AWS infrastructure in Israel. ··· The Globe and Mail newspaper selected AWS as its cloud provider. ··· ’Custom Interfaces’ is a new developer API aimed at making Alexa-enabled devices more fun.
Amazon defeated an IRS appeal relating to its tax bill. ··· Amazon angered some Chinese individuals because of selling Hong Kong protest t-shirts. ··· Amazon’s 30-cent gas stunt for Mrs Maisel got temporarily shut down by police. ··· Amazon suffered a glitch that sent out delivery notifications to the wrong customers. ··· RIAA has accused Amazon of selling millions of fake albums. ··· Amazon set tongues wagging after forgetting to photoshop out genitals from ‘The Boys’ calendar. ··· Amazon Mexico began delivering the VW Beetles it sold in a limited deal with the car manufacturer. ··· Amazon has to testify in US against the French tax case (with other big tech giants). ··· The CMA may fully investigate Amazon for its potential Deliveroo tie-up. ··· Amazon went after pay-tv users in a new ad campaign. ··· Amazon gifted the National Children’s Museum $250,000 to encourage STEAM. ··· Amazon is buying up space in Maryland for offices. ··· Amazon will hire 1,000 people for a new distribution hub in Indiana. ··· Oregonian police are complaining Amazon allows third-parties to sell fake money. ··· Amazon is buying up the rest of 460 West 34th street building.
— Amazon was accused of using deep PR tactics and ‘warehouse ambassadors’ to adjust bad company perception. [VICE]
— More Americans than ever are concerned with Amazon’s power. [CNBC]
— Amazon third-party sellers are mobilising against Amazon. [BI]
— Amazon Prime Music isn’t growing as fast as Spotify. [Music Business Worldwide]
— TWITCH is getting more competitors and that’s a problem. [Digiday]
— Amazon now outspends Netflix. [Forbes]
— Ring isn’t making Amazon money, it’s saving it through combating theft. [Recode]
— Amazon Choice choices will be probed. [BI]
— Amazon returns has helped Kohl’s footfall increase 24%. [BI]
— Warren Buffett has put more of his money into Amazon. [Bloomberg]
— Understanding the nuances of Amazon’s 'Buy Box’ model. [Tamebay]
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