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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - August 11th

WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribe
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon (32% of subscribers - August ‘19). Let us know how you think WDADTW can be improved, simply hit reply or email us here.

Amidst stocks drops (thanks to US trade sanctions and Amazon being scrapped by FedEx this week - announced by FedEx in June), reports surfaced (read: leaked) this week that claim Amazon’s Echo devices are made by Chinese children who are put through horrific conditions at Foxxconn. Amazon responded by sending inspectors to assess the claims. Terrible if true but is being managed out more depressing? Possibly. The Times also had a good but brief story about Amazon’s management practices. “Amazon uses an aggressive management programme that gives underperformers a stark choice: leave with a payout, or enter a stringent retraining regimen that carries the risk of a lower severance if they do not succeed.” Speaking with Vivienne Ming, a theoretical neuroscientist, who turned down a senior role at Amazon in 2016, the piece describes a roll that shows how clinical and cold Amazon needs to be as it strives for an automated workforce. Amazon’s response to The Times article? Ming, according to Amazon, “clearly misunderstood our focus on employee development. For some, Amazon is a long-term career and for others it’s a stepping stone on to an individual’s next big move. We celebrate and build programs for both.” Sure, Jan. Looking at the Drone plan/moves Amazon made this week, the company is not playing around especially in light of other milestones going on. Oh and Amazon Scout robots (or ‘Adora-bots’) have been deployed in California (see image above). Don’t believe the hype, just like Uber, the end goal for Amazon is to have as few whiney, breakable, litigious humans on the payroll as possible.
  • Amazon’s management styles are legendary - the world can learn a lot from Amazon - good and bad. Think about how you can use their practices and theories to make yours better.
  • Amazon’s strategy to handle the Foxxconn scandal is worth noting. Swift, decisive and firm. The media had all wind knocked out of their sails. A good strategy to learn from.
  • Look at Amazon’s Drone delivery document, while far from being reality, the document is a good plan and thought-starter for most businesses out there. Scout is also an interesting opportunity to think about from sampling to data opportunities.
Need a bespoke/full strategy on Amazon? Hit reply and let us know.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings content will not be allowed to take much from the books. ··· The anticipated Leeds United documentary will be release on August 13th. ··· Amazon has offered Prime Music to students for .99 cents. ··· Simon Pegg comedy vehicle, ‘Truth Seekers’, will begin production next month for Amazon Prime Video. ··· Amazon is planning an ’Event Horizon’ series. ··· Chris Ramsey now has a comedy deal with Amazon. ··· Amazon lost the 'Game of Thrones’ creators to Netflix (who offered $200 million to work with them). ··· Amazon is partnering with LA businesses for a PR stunt for Mrs Maisel show.
Amazon is trying to open a liquor store in San Fransisco. ··· Amazon launched its third pop-up store in Scotland. ··· ’Adora-bots’ (Amazon Scout Robot) will be delivering goods (randomly) to Irvine, CA customers and will be accompanied by an adult (for now). ··· A new program (‘Sold By Amazon’) by Amazon means they can reprice your products. ··· Amazon India had its annual ’Freedom Sale’. ··· Amazon’s price alerts are causing prices to rise at Walmart (and may be deemed anti-competitive). ··· Amazon has expanded its anti-counterfeiting to Europe. ··· Amazon may put advertising data on a blockchain. ··· Amazon’s next influencer fashion range will be with ’Fashion Guitar’ (ED: Me either.) ··· Amazon’s 'Treasure Truck’ is going into more cities. ··· Sellers can now clear FBA stock by selling on Amazon Outlet. ··· Amazon is looking for brands that have pop-up appeal for…pop-ups. ··· Whole Foods will soon sell party supplies for birthdays. ··· Amazon has a cute back-to-school Alexa program going on, donate a backpack full of goodies by just saying a command.
Amazon investigated claims that one of its suppliers (Foxxconn) is using child labour. ··· Amazon is automatically turning Alexa Announcements (messages to other Alexa devices) on for its Fire TV stick. ··· Amazon is in ‘talks’ with a data privacy watchdog in Luxembourg. ··· Amazon asked the FAA for delivery-drone exemption approval this week. ··· AWS has doubled its footprint in the UK. ··· Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is now available in the UK. ··· Alexa can now speak faster or slower. ··· All Amazon Fire devices will now support YouTube in the UK. ··· Amazon is increasing its presence in the Baltic region. ··· AWS Lake Formation (data lake tool) is now generally available. ··· Amazon will allow people to opt out of human reviewing their Alexa voice recordings from the device itself. ··· Amazon is working on some diabetes tech using Alexa.
Bezos actually dumped $3 billion worth of stuck - much higher than previously thought. ··· Minnesota worked are still striking. ··· Amazon has removed gun-related shopping results but some are still getting through. ··· Amazon Australia has launched a new startup initiative for Australian startups. ··· Amazon Japan has implemented a one-day job shadow program for High School students. ··· PillPack is in trouble with CVS and Walgreens over consent with the public’s prescriptions data. ··· Amazon is upping its footprint in Barcelona with more distribution hubs.
— ‘The Boys’ is Amazon’s highest rated content on IMDB so far. [Forbes]
— What does Amazon want with the fickle publishing industry? [The Atlantic]
— Facebook is a big source of fake review for Amazon. [BBC]
— UK viewers are ditching terrestrial viewing for Amazon Prime Video (and others). [Sky News]
— 'Land of the Giants’ podcast looked at Amazon this week - 31 mins. [LOTG]
— Walmart is planning a video competitor in India. [The Verge]
— Amazon’s Ring is the perfect storm of privacy threats. [EFF]
— New research showed Amazon Elastic Block Storage to be leaking data. [TechCrunch]
— Show the data it has on everyone, Jeffrey Epstein ordered sex slavery books from Amazon. [The Cut]
— NMPKT : Amazon sells live animals on its site. [BI]
— Researchers say they can spot contaminated food faster thanks to Amazon. [Gizmodo]
— Disney+ is going to be a massive pain for Amazon Prime Video. [Lifehacker]
— A look at Bing Gordon, Amazon’s Game guru (previously with EA). [The Information]
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