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What Did Amazon Do This Week? - April 14th

WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon. Let me kno
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What Did Amazon Do This Week?
WDADTW is the newsletter that even Amazon execs read to keep up with the world of Amazon.
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Amazon Listening To Alexa's Goofs
The little orange guy is ‘Peccy’ (short for peculiar ways), the mascot no-one knew Amazon had. Why does it matter? it doesn’t but there’s a nice piece from Fast Company about it that shows some interesting spurts about Amazon culture. A cute story to end a week that started with Amazon admitting listening to recordings of wake words and queries to improve the experience for us all and ended with analysis of Jeff Bezos’s annual letter to stakeholders where he admitted that Amazon’s growth is slowing; total merchandise sales for 2018 were ~$300B, up 19% YoY, but slowing overall, with 27% growth in 2016 and 24% in 2017.

Amazon may be working on an ad-supported music platform. ··· ’Hannah’, Amazon’s rejigged movie-to-TV property, has been confirmed for a second series. ··· Amazon announced ’The Grand Tour’ will be changing format/presenters. ··· Amazon has bought Mondo Toons (LatAm content). ··· Amazon Prime Video will be added to T-Mobile’s TVision ··· Amazon has hired top French content exec, Thomas Dubois, to run unscripted department. ··· TWITCH’s first ever title is a free karaoke game meant for live-streaming. ··· Audible will now let members keep credits for a year. ··· Amazon original show ’Transparent’ is ending with a musical and the lead character may die.
Amazon has launched ’Zanie Kids’ clothing brand after trademarking the brand in 2018. ··· Amazon is offering 50% discount off selected Amazon Prime Video Channels in Spring sale. ··· Amazon Japan raised the price of Amazon Prime for the first time in 11 years. ··· Amazon launched advertising products in Australia. ··· Amazon is expanding grocery delivery to nine more areas in the US. ··· Amazon Australia is expanding its beauty and salon range. ··· Amazon China’s “Hangzou Cross-border E-commerce Park” is officially open. ··· Amazon is using horoscopes to sell customers more products. ··· Amazon is using ’carnival’ tents to house goods to catch up with FedEx and UPS. ··· Amazon’s referral fees will change on June 5th.
Amazon acquired autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology. ··· Amazon is selling a bundle of Alexa products for $70. ··· Amazon and Microsoft will share the Pentagon contract. ··· Amazon is planning a series of grants to underrepresented sections of the population for STEM eduction with FIRST. ··· Alexa is now HIPPA compliant. ··· Amazon GO will also take cash to avoid any discrimination claims per Amazon Exec. ··· Amazon Alexa now offers long-form news coverage not just Flash Briefings. ··· Amazon’s Echo Link Amp is now available to purchase.
+4,200 Amazon execs are starting to put pressure on Bezos for climate change plan. ··· Amazon will support three major wind power projects. ··· Amazon was accused of slow renewable power adoption for data-centres. ··· Amazon’s (Bezos’s) annual shareholder letter saw a lot of scrutiny after a competitor laid a jibe about Amazon paying no tax. ··· Amazon helped California police catch a ‘porch pirate’. ··· Amazon Air pilots are protesting pay and working conditions. ··· Amazon is fighting the .amazon domain debacle. ··· Amazon Japan changed the rewards for sellers to stop a probe from Japan’s antitrust watchdog. ··· Talks between GM and Amazon’s electric startup have ended in no deal. ··· Amazon’s courier service in the US is expanding. ··· Amazon will webcast its first quarter 2019 call. ··· Amazon has released 50 tools and services for SMBs since January 01, 2019. ··· Amazon Spain created +3,200 new permanent jobs in 2018 (already has +4,800 employees in Spain). ··· Bezos will meet with prosecutors regarding his phone being hacked by Saudis. ··· Amazon is looking to hire a public policy executive for alcohol in Washington ling speculation about future alcohol plans.
— These are Amazon’s 38 rules for success. [Fast Company]
— Amazon is causing major issues with the housing market in Virginia. [MarketWatch]
— Why rival retailers embrace [Reuters]
— Amazon’s empire rests on its low-key AI strategy. [Economist]
— UK consumers aren’t awake to/interested in Amazon’s own brands yet. [The Grocer]
— Teens really like Amazon. [BI]
— Amazon’s HR Chief did a PR tour this week. [Fast Company]
— Walmart Mexico is forcing

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