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5 Things B2B eCommerce Merchants Should Know📍🚀 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! Heading into the long weekend here in Canada, we take a second to look at 5 things B2B eCommerce Merchants Need To Know. With B2B eCommerce growing at an accelerated pace, a clear and sophisticated B2B integration strategy is key to creating gre…


3 Key Questions To Ask When Considering Plug-and-Play Solutions📦 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! Decision-makers looking into data integration solutions must do their research and ask the right questions. Learn what to watch out for when considering a plug-and-play solution, and some questions you should be asking yourself before implementi…


Agency X Podcast >> eCommerce Integration Planning⚡️ :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! This week, VL OMNI joined Shopify eCommerce agency, Avex on their podcast — Agency X. They cover a variety of digital topics including design, development, eCommerce, and more. In this episode, they dive into eCommerce integration planning on S…


Why is eCommerce Consulting A Good Idea? 🚀 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! The benefits of working with an eCommerce consulting services provider that provides high-quality, in-depth consultation and managed services are tri-fold. Having a partner that can help you build and align your strategy with your growth goals a…


ERP-Centric Model vs. Hybrid Centric Model 🥊 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! What model of integration matches your current strategy best — the traditional ERP-Centric Model or the Hybrid-Centric Model? No idea? 👀 VL OMNI can help!ERPs allow for many different approaches to be used, VL OMNI specializes in discerning wha…


Implementation and Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 🚀:OMNI|link

Happy Friday! It's a holiday here in Canada, but the eCommerce news never stops! Our latest from VL OMNI features our well-attended webinar on eCommerce Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Lucky for you, you can watch the whole interesting and in-depth co…


Save Your Spot! eCommerce Integration with Dynamics 365🚀:OMNI|link

Happy Friday!  VL OMNI and Pangea Consultants team up for their first webinar, eCommerce Integration with Dynamics 365 - The Challenges, Benefits, Process, and Implementation. On Thursday, April 13th at 11 AM EST join us for a deep discussion about the implem…


Understanding the Need For ERP and CRM Systems Integration🖥 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! We will be taking a deep dive into the importance of integrating your CRM and ERP systems to achieve a smoother customer experience. Read On!


Importance of Data For Scaling eCommerce Brands🥛 💚: OMNI|link

Happy Friday!  This week take a listen to our new podcast chats with Milk Bottle Labs🥛 about how VL OMNI can have an integral role in helping empower Shopify merchants to accelerate their growing business. Read On!


In the eCommerce Fastlane... 🏎 💚 OMNI|link

Happy Friday! VL OMNI is back in the eCommerce Fastlane with Steve Hutt for our encore episode. Learn how managed integration service can help brands. Don't miss this fascinating conversation. Read On!


In-House vs. Managed Services 🖥 📦 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday! The age-old battle that we have seen since the beginning of integration time. Do I buy or do I build? If you are in this situation, here are a few things to ponder if you are thinking of building your own integration solution versus buying an of…


Using Shopify For B2B eCommerce 💚🚀 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. Often when Merchants are looking to expand into B2B, Shopify as their eCommerce platform is overlooked. Can Shopify fulfill the often complex and heavily customized needs of B2B merchants and deliver a leading B2B customer experience? The short…


The Right Questions To Ask When Shopping for eCommerce Software🖥 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. Implementing the right eCommerce technology stack is fundamental for business growth. Check out this list of questions to ask when shopping for software for an eCommerce platform, ERP system, CRM, POS, inventory management system — or anything i…


VL OMNI and Returnly bring superior return integration for Shopify brands 🚀 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. We are joining forces with Returnly to meet the return integration needs of merchants on Shopify who are looking to deliver superior online consumer experiences and more efficient returns. Read On!


Here's How Manhattan Beachwear Streamlined Key Operations🔥👀 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. Our latest case study has dropped! Here’s how Manhattan Beachwear elevated their key eCommerce operations, including their orders, fulfillment, inventory, and return process by integrating their siloed applications through agile AS/400 Shopify …


Where do you start with B2B eCommerce? 📦📝:OMNI|link

Happy Friday. Understanding how to enter the B2B eCommerce world can be daunting at first. Where do you even start? In our latest guide, we will dive into eCommerce best practices, challenges, and key technology considerations for B2B growth. Read On!


VL OMNI partners with SparkLayer to simplify B2B integration and ordering for Shopify brands🚀:OMNI|link

Happy Friday. B2B commerce can be complex. With our latest partnership with leading B2B expert, SparkLayer, VL OMNI seeks to activate powerful and seamless B2B ordering and integration for your Shopify store. Read On!


10 Trends To Watch Out For In 2022 From Commerce Experts 💡 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. 2021 was a record year for investing in commerce technology as merchants sought new ways to digitize stores, enhance engagement, and improve fulfillment. To help you navigate 2022, we asked commerce experts for insights and top trends that brand…


Integrating User Data For Repeat Purchases 📦 :OMNI|link

Happy Friday. Many businesses concentrate much of their effort on new customer relationships. Once that first purchase happens, there isn’t much effort to grow the relationship beyond a one-time purchase. Here are 5 ways to catch the attention of savvy online…


Happy New Year! 🎉 :OMNI|link

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