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Unwanted Publicity Intelligence NewsLetter ( Wednesday, May 4, 2022 ) Volume 1 / Issue 95

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence NewsLetter ( Wednesday, May 4, 2022 ) Volume 1 / Issue 95

From Beneath The Seas To Beyond The Stars
From Beneath The Seas To Beyond The Stars
Unwanted Publicity
Unwanted Publicity
Ukraine Air Force defense, inventories conventional long-range surface-to-surface land-attack cruise-missiles ( Raduga Kh-555 / RS-AS-22 Kluge ).

Were Russia military vehicles and troops recently pulled away-from certain Ukraine locations because Russia war plans cruise-missile launches from the Black Sea into Ukraine just as it did in Syria? Is this what's already on America's defense drawing boards for Ukraine ( See 'Research' - further below )

Where Ukraine unsuccessfully struggled to obtain more manned jet fighter-bomber aircraft, Ukraine did however, successfully obtain 'modified' ( by Baykar of Turkey ) Bayraktar TB-2 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles ( UCAV ) / armed drones as one of several types of defense stand-off alternatives.

Although the Bayraktar TB-2 cannot shoot down a Russia military SU-24 jet fighter-bomber, what the TB2 can do more effectively than an Su-24 without any onboard manned air crew danger, which is 'seek and destroy Russia militarized vehicles'.

Ukraine inventories of Bayraktar TB-2 drones, was a Ukraine military defense measure surprise.

Russia inability to shoot down or jam the 'modified' UCAV ( Bayraktar TB-2 ) has been a morale booster to Ukraine, especially since it was originally designed for Turkey government military exports with a 'kill switch' so that it could not otherwise seek and destroy Russia military equipment.

Turkey government officials, only 'appearing stressed', explained to Russia that the TB-2 drone deal to Ukraine was a 'private company sale deal' between Ukraine and Baykar; not transacted through Turkey government military.

Even more interesting is the fact that these Bayraktar TB-2 UCAVs / drones were produced 'without a kill switch' by Baykar at an undisclosed factory location near Kiev, Ukraine ... More ( Click Here )
Foreign Intelligence Bits 'N Pieces - Ukraine - Subterranean - Fort - Energy - Technologies - Lysaya Gora ( aka ) Lysa Hora ( aka ) Лысая гора ( Russia ) / Лиса гора ( Ukraine ) are two ( 2 ) of the most notable 'bald mountain' ( a mount / hill ) locations mentioned within Slavic folk mythology related to WitchCraft / Satanism in Starokyivska / Kyiv / Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukraine Fortresses -

Lysohirsky / Lysogorsky Fort ( Lysa Hora 1874 - ? ), a small fortress built in 1872 on the legendary Lysa Hora ( "Bald Mountain" ) where in 1906 Fort Lysohirsky / Fort Lysogorsky became a place of executions for convicted political inmates.

Fort Lysohirsky / Fort Lysogorsky fortress saw fierce fighting during the World War II, when a unit of local defence volunteers resisted a Nazi offensive on Kyiv / Kiev.

Later, Russia's Soviet era Red Army used the fortress as storage area until 1980.

An underground complex, beneath Fort Lysohirsky / Fort Lysogorsky is sometimes mentioned however, to-date such only claims old water tanks still filled with rain water.

During the 1980s, a radio beacon ( for aircraft navigation ) was built atop the hill / mount of Lysa Hora.

Today, Fort Lysohirsky / Fort Lysogorsky only appears on its surface to be a 'landscape reserve' portion of the Kyiv / Kiev Fortress Museum complex.

What really rests secretly buried beneath Ukraine that Russia and America are willing to fight to regain control over besides 'natural gas' pipelines to Europe? ... More ( Click Here )
Foreign Intelligence Bits 'N Pieces - Ukraine. Nazi Wehrmacht Headquarters Held Adolf Hitler Command Post Bunker - Picture about eighty ( 80 ) buildings, including barracks, bars, a casino, a power generator, a telegraph and even a church plus more all as the Adolf Hitler headquarters complex.

Southwest of Kiev, Ukraine ( about a 3-1/2 hour drive ) is Vinnytsia / Vinnitsa ( pronounced: Winniza ), Ukraine; the headquarters site of the Adolf Hitler bunker ( codename: Führerhauptquartier Wehrwolf ) then already within Soviet territory from where Hitler personally directed his generals through World War II between 1942 and 1943 however, after the end of World War II Vinnytsia, Ukraine became home of Russia's major Soviet Air Force base ( including, an: airfield, a hospital, arsenals, and other military installations ), Russia's headquarters for its 43rd Rocket Army of its Strategic Rocket Forces from 1960 through the early 1990s as well as Russia's 2nd Independent Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps later becoming Russia's 24th Air Army there from 1960 to 1992 when Vinnytsia, Ukraine became Ukraine's Air Force Command.

During the German Army retreat in 1944, Hitler ordered his bunker in Vinnytsia, Ukraine destroyed by high-yield explosives.

Interestingly, the Wehrwolf’s underground passages were then rendered classified and no historical digs have been allowed ever since.

This Nazi Wehrmacht Headquarters site remained shrouded by Russia's Soviet government secrecy leading to a myriad of legends.

What could possibly remain underground in Vinnytsia, Ukraine secrecy now for over 70-years? Irradiated Gold? Atomic / Nuclear Radiation? Advanced Technologies? Or, something even more-so feared perhaps, totally outside the realm of mankind or our World? ... More ( Click Here )
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CENTCOM Details Warfaring UFO Spacecraft During The Real 'Battle of Los Angeles Event ... More ( click here )
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