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Triptico Newsletter - New Feature!

David Riley
David Riley
A new feature for the Hidden Card resource and a link to the Triptico webinar!

New Feature Request
New Feature Request
New Feature!
During the webinar with Joe Dale - more info later! - I was asked whether it would be possible to add a button to automatically allocate points when setting up a Hidden Card game.
As you can see in the image above, this button has now been added to the resource.
It works like this:
Allocate points to envelopes at the push of a button!
Allocate points to envelopes at the push of a button!
I hope that this will be a helpful feature!
You can still tap the envelopes to allocate the points - or ask a student to do it for you and act as the quiz show host! - or you can save a little time and let the button do the work.
If you want to try the activity used in the gif then you can access it here:
Triptico Webinar
Triptico webinar with Joe Dale.
Triptico webinar with Joe Dale.
Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar earlier this week.
Joe Dale was an excellent host and I really enjoyed presenting the website and answering questions.
Joe has uploaded a recording of the event to his YouTube channel if you would like to view it:
One last thing - Safari users!
Safari Technology Preview.
Safari Technology Preview.
If, like me, you use the Safari web browser then I have a link that you may like to try…
Apple will be launching a new version of the browser soon and the company has made a preview version available in advance.
I have tried it - and it is a huge improvement!
The Triptico website works beautifully with it and I would recommend giving it a try:
Thanks as ever for supporting Triptico!
Please reply to this email if you have any questions or feedback or if there is ever anything that I can do to help.
If you have friends and colleagues who may like to try Triptico then -please! - tell them about our website.
Thanks for reading - bye for now,
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David Riley
David Riley @David_Triptico

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