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Triptico Newsletter - Issue #9

David Riley
David Riley
More New Features to Try!

Triptico's Group Resource!
Triptico's Group Resource!
A Common Request!
I have made some changes to the ever popular Group resource this week which I hope will address one of the questions I am asked most whilst running Triptico workshops:
Is it possible to keep certain students apart when creating groups?
I am pleased to report that the answer is now yes!
Let’s look at an example…
Before creating my groups I decide that I want Maksim, Oliver, Zoë, Lin and Enzo to be my group leaders - and so I select them to instruct the resource to put them in different groups:
I have made some changes to the ever popular Group resource which I hope will be helpful.
When I am running workshops, teachers often ask if they can keep certain students apart when creating groups.
I am happy to report that this is now possible!
In the example below, I wanted Maksim, Oliver, Zoë, Lin and Enzo to be put in different groups so that they can act as group leaders.
What’s more, the resource will continue putting these students in different groups until I drag to the left and select Clear All Panels:
Clearing the Selection
Clearing the Selection
This means that I can create brand new groups throughout my lesson whilst still keeping the selected students apart.
A Bonus Feature!
Whilst updating the resource I had another idea that I thought teachers might find to be helpful.
As you may know, you can drag left and have the resource make random selections from your groups - one students at random from each group, for example, to act as a group leader.
However, I thought it could be helpful at times to be able to make manual selections - so that you can choose a leader for each group (rather than the process being random).
When students are in groups, simply click a name to select it - very easy!
In the example below, I click to select (and then click to deselect!) Ayesha, Rose-Merline, Junior, Pierre and Chloé to be group leaders:
Making Manual Selections
Making Manual Selections
Give it a Try!
Please let me know what you think of this update.
You can try it with my sample class list by clicking here.
If you have not yet created class lists with Triptico then you may like to read this previous newsletter: Creating Class Lists
Thank you for Supporting Triptico!
Thanks as ever to everybody who takes the time to reply to these newsletters with questions, comments and feedback. I really appreciate it.
Please keep spreading the word about Triptico - and have a great weekend, David.
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David Riley
David Riley @David_Triptico

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