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Triptico Newsletter - Issue #8

David Riley
David Riley
More New Features to try and a Website Recommendation!

Thank you for your Feedback - One!
In response to feedback from Triptico users over the weekend, I have added new features to some of the Triptico resources.
Feedback - whether positive or negative - is always appreciated!
Please feel free to reply to this email with any thoughts, comments or ideas that you have about the Triptico website.
One user asked if I “could add an option for the speed” of the voice in the Listen resource.
… and so, the next time you open this resource, you should see a new option in the menu:
You can set the speed that the voice reads your text to standard, slower or faster.
I hope that this will be a helpful new feature!
Thank you for your Feedback - Two!
I also received an email asking about the possibility of adding a new feature to the Spinner resource:
“Hi David,
Is there any chance that you could increase the size of the text in the Spinner?
I like the way that, if the line is too long, it flashes up in a box.
Is there a way that the text, regardless of length, would flash up in a box?”
So, the next time you open the Spinner resource, perhaps with a class list, you should see a new option in the menu:
If you switch the ‘Zoom Selected’ option on, the selected segment will be displayed on a card with a larger font:
I also added a new feature to the Spinner that you should see when opening it with a true or false file:
You can now decide whether you would like the false items to be included in the spinner or not.
Again - hopefully these new features will be helpful - please let me know if you have a chance to try them!A
Website Recommendation
People often get in touch to ask about finding images to add to Triptico activities.
I regularly use a site called Pexels which allows you to search for royalty free images.
Even better, you can copy the image directly from the Pixels site and paste it into Triptico:
A very easy and quick way to add images as you create activities!
Thank You for Supporting Triptico
Thanks as ever for supporting Triptico.
If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to learn more about the offers available then please reply to this email or get in touch via the contact form.
If you have any feedback about this newsletter or about the website then please let me know.
Thanks again!
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David Riley
David Riley @David_Triptico

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