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Triptico Newsletter - Issue #3

David Riley
David Riley
Another new feature and an experimental idea!

Another New Feature...
I received an email last week from a teacher with a request when previewing a saved file:
In response to this, when you preview a saved file, you should now see that each row is numbered.
Also, as you include or remove rows, you should see that the ‘Items Selected’ counter changes.
So, if your saved file has 30 rows and you want to select 12 for a game of Bingo you will find that this is very easy to do.
You can learn more about previewing saved files in this blog post.
An Experimental New Feature...
The ‘Order Sorter’ is one of the most popular resources on the Triptico website.
There are many ways to use this resource… I would often create activities without a correct order - where the aim was to encourage debate and discussion - like this example, used when teaching Romeo and Juliet: Who is most to blame for Juliet’s death?
All of the Triptico resources currently ‘standalone’ - lots of people can use the same resource at the same time, but each will be using their own independent version.
I thought it might be useful at times to have a number of people collaborating on the same shared activity, where changing the order on one device changes the order on all devices.
As you can see in the GIF above, you could have an activity open on a screen at the front of the classroom with groups of students able to change the order (on a phone or tablet, for example) as they address the class with their ideas.
It is just an idea at the moment, but please reply to this email if you would be interested in giving this feature a try as I decide whether it is something that would be useful to add to the site - and possibly to other resources.
Your feedback will, as always, be appreciated!
Thank you for supporting Triptico!
If you have any questions that I can help with or feedback about the website then please reply to this email.
Until next time - thanks for your support,
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David Riley
David Riley @David_Triptico

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