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Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - Issue #8

Welcome to issue #8 of this newsletter. If you are reading this on Friday 6th, then the schedule func

Tom Raftery

May 6 · Issue #8 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

Welcome to issue #8 of this newsletter. If you are reading this on Friday 6th, then the schedule function of the newsletter works like a charm, but if you are reading it on Thursday 5th, then - uh oh!
I’m travelling to Athens on the 6th to speak to CEPIS about the importance of being Green for IT. Consequently, I’m putting the newsletter together the day before for a change. We’ll see how well that works. 
If you’d like to check out my slides from the CEPIS talk, I’ll be adding them to my SlideShare account on Saturday
And now, on with the news…

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Lots of stories in the IoT space this week - French comms co Sigfox are getting busy in the US, Honeywell has set up a dedicated IoT unit, and even hamsters (awww) are now being instrumented
In Dubai, the record for low cost of solar power has again been broken. Solar there is now costing a mere $0.03/kWh, well below the cost of gas or coal in the country
And in a residential setting solar seems to be contagious, or at least viral. The majority of solar installations come via referrals - no shock there, everyone loves solar
And energy storage is booming too. The US market grew 243% in 2015
New Record Set for World's Cheapest Solar, Now Undercutting Coal
Solar power is contagious. These maps show how it spreads
US Energy Storage Market Grew 243% in 2015, Largest Year on Record
In CleanTech/misc news, we see that Tesla has brought forward its aim of building 500,000 cars a year from its original ambitious 2020 date to the now even more ambitious 2018, presumably on the strength of the 400,000+ pre-orders for its Model 3
And, is no-one safe from having their jobs taken by robots? This week we learned that robots are better at surgery than actual surgeons when performing the same procedure
Tesla hits the accelerator, aims to build 500,000 cars a year by 2018
Robot surgeon outperforms human colleagues doing same procedure
In our climate news this week we have two stories. The first piece speculates on a President Trump Paris Climate Accord, while the second talks about the impact of water shortages on various parts of the world as climate change effects become more pronounced 
Donald Trump's election would derail Paris climate deal, warns its architect
Global water shortages to deliver 'severe hit' to economies, World Bank warns
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Not Even Hamsters Are Safe From The Internet Of Things
Honeywell Creates New Division Based on the Internet of Things
Sigfox Just Got Serious About Invading the U.S. Internet of Things
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