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Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - Issue #7

Welcome to issue 7 of this newsletter - thanks to everyone who signed up for, and who are receiving t

Tom Raftery

April 29 · Issue #7 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

Welcome to issue 7 of this newsletter - thanks to everyone who signed up for, and who are receiving this newsletter 
I must be doing something right, the number of unsubscriptions has been less than one per issue, and the number of email opens has been well over 30% per newsletter (roughly twice the average for newsletters)
Some fascinating stories again this week - enjoy…

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Two pieces of news caught my eye this week in the IoT space. The first was the funding round Vivint landed. And not because I have much interest in company fundings, but rather because the article explains why they are different from other IoT companies
And the second piece talks about an oft overlooked aspect of IoT - securing all the things
Vivint Smart Home raises $100M from Peter Thiel, Mitt Romney
Global IoT security spending to hit $348m in 2016
Two interesting articles in the energy section this week - the first talks about using trains and concrete slabs as an energy storage mechanism - a fascinating idea
and the second story shows how wind turbines are ever increasing in size, and efficiency
The train goes up, the train goes down: a simple new way to store energy - Vox
World's Biggest Windmills Now Make Jumbo Jets Look Tiny
Several stories in the electric/autonomous vehicle space this week. I selected the two I thought were more interesting (ok, alright, I wrote the one about Elon Musk, and his plans to disrupt more industries)
Elon Musk has two more “Secret Master Plans”
Google, Ford, Uber launch coalition to further self-driving cars
In the climate section this week, bad news in India and Southeast Asia with a deadly heatwave, but good news in Indonesia with a dentist helping reduce illegal logging, and in the US, now almost half of the GOP supporters believe climate change is real (finally!)
Deadly heat wave is shattering all-time records in Southeast Asia and India
Dentist wins 'green oscar' for using healthcare incentives to halt logging
Half of U.S. Conservatives Say Climate Change Is Real
In conclusion
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