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Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - Issue #6

Welcome to Issue 6 of my weekly newsletter - thank you for your interest in the stories that I gather

Tom Raftery

April 22 · Issue #6 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

Welcome to Issue 6 of my weekly newsletter - thank you for your interest in the stories that I gather here.
This has been a week of tremendous highs, and terrible lows on the news front. I’ve put in as many of the good news stories as I could, and a couple of the bad news ones as well because it is important to be aware of them too, depressing though they may be. But, it is mostly good news :)
And so, onto the updates…

The Internet of Things (IoT)
In the Internet of Things space, Avery Dennison signed a deal with Evrythng to give a digital identity to clothing. While this may sound a little creepy - think of the transparency this gives us as consumers to see the provenance of our clothing 
And then Pfizer teamed up with IBM to use sensors on patients to track the efficacy of Parkinson’s treatments - what a great idea 
Exclusive: Internet of Clothing Is Coming Through Huge Label Deal
Pfizer joins up with IBM for internet-of-things collaboration - PMLiVE
Some amazing news in the Energy sector this week as it was announced that Saudi Arabia are going to set up a $2tn soverign fund to help the country break its dependence on oil revenues
The amount of wind energy installed globally is expected to nearly double in the next five years  - which, if it happens, will be an incredible achievement considering the amount already installed
And finally, in solar news, if you are based in California and thinking about having solar installed on your roof, today could be your lucky day. Sungevity have a great offer on solar. It is an online-only offer with no marketing spend, so the savings for homeowners on solar installations is in the order of $2k!
The $2 Trillion Project to Get Saudi Arabia’s Economy Off Oil - Bloomberg
Global wind capacity to nearly double in next five years: GWEC
Sungevity Online Solar Offer
Remember the Opera browser? Possibly not, it has been out of the news for some time. Well this week they launched a version of their browser with a built-in free VPN. I tried it out and it is awesome. I logged into my Netflix account using a US VPN and I was presented with a much larger catalog of movies and series! This will also be extremely useful on my laptop to keep my connection secure any time I’m using free wifi when I’m travelling. Everyone should use a VPN on public wifi. Now, thanks to Opera, you can. Free
A UK-based blind marathon runner is working with IBM to create technology which will allow him (and other visually impaired runners) to run independently
And German refugees are trolling the Far Right in Germany. They created video ads explaining how nice refugees are and are putting them on the anti-refugee videos being uploaded by the far right. How cool is that?
Opera Now Has a Totally Free and Unlimited Built-In VPN
How One Blind Marathon Runner Is Using Technology To Run Solo | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
German refugees use advertising to target anti-immigration YouTube videos - BBC News
The news on the climate front is very mixed this week. Check out the animation on the Bloomberg article about the Earth’s temperature. It is a real sit up and take notice moment
A senior researcher at the NOAA, addressing an insurance conference in San Diego told the audience that sea level rise will, according to the latest data, be in the range of 3m (9 ft) by 2050-2060. This is far greater than previous estimates, and if it comes to pass will be catastrophic for most coastal cities, and small islands
But to counter that we have good news on the climate front. Over 170 countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement in the UN today. This is a tremendous validation of the extremely hard work done to forge the agreement
Earth's Temperature Just Shattered the Thermometer - Bloomberg
Sea Level Rise Will Be Worse and Come Sooner
Paris climate deal set to be signed by record number of states | Environment | The Guardian
In conclusion
Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. I hope you found it interesting
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