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Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - Issue #4

Hi all, and welcome to the 4th edition of this newsletter. We're maintaining a greater than 36% open

Tom Raftery

April 8 · Issue #4 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

Hi all, and welcome to the 4th edition of this newsletter. We’re maintaining a greater than 36% open rate on the newsletter, which is a sign we’re curating the content reasonably well 
There were some fascinating stories rise to the surface this week, as well as some hugely important ones - I’ll let you decide which is which :)
And with that, on with the newsletter. Enjoy

The Internet of Things (IoT)
IBM teamed up with Pfizer to launch an experiment this week to test whether they could jointly use the Internet of Things and analytics to test the effectiveness of medications for Parkinson’s
And this week also saw the (limited) launch of Thington! an IoT platform which uses AI and the conversational communication format which is rapidly becoming common, to ‘talk’ to, and hear from items in your home or office
IBM, Pfizer launch joint experiment to help measure Parkinson’s symptoms using IoT and analytics
We’d like to introduce you to Thington! — Welcome to Thington
The first story in the energy section comes from Bloomberg, and this well researched piece has lots of data showing just how well renewable energy is doing in the world markets, and why fossil fuel’s days are numbered. But from a purely economic perspective
While several of the larger tech companies (with the curious exception of Facebook) rowed in behind President Obama’s Clean Power Plan which is currently being contested in the US courts
Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels - Bloomberg
Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon back EPA in challenge of clean energy rules | The Verge
CleanTech (catch-all term so I can include other stories I liked!)
Our first link in this section marks an historic day - the day WhatsApp made all communications on its service (voice, text, files) end-to-end encrypted. With over a billion users on its platform, in one fell swoop WhatsApp have delivered a huge blow to the efforts those who wanted to weaken access to encryption, as it will be extremely hard to roll this back
And the second story is about a rising star in the blockchain world - a company called Ethereum, a company who have developed a highly regarded, programmable blockchain
Forget Apple vs. the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People | WIRED
Ethereum: Rise of the World Computer – Silicon Valley Data Science
Finally, it would seem that scientists have been overestimating the reflectivity of clouds, and their ability to shield us from global warming. We could be in for a warmer world than was previously anticipated
Global warming may be far worse than thought, cloud analysis suggests | Environment | The Guardian
In conclusion
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