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Tom Raftery's newsletter - Issue #13

Issue 13? Awesome, I've only ever had good luck with the number thirteen, so on with the lucky newsle

Tom Raftery

June 10 · Issue #13 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

Issue 13? Awesome, I’ve only ever had good luck with the number thirteen, so on with the lucky newsletter :)

The Internet of Things (IoT)
GE and HPE announced a partnership for big IoT stuff. Basically GE will supply their Predix cloud platform for IoT Big Data, and they’ll recommend HPE hardware
Hewlett Packard Enterprise and GE are teaming up on the Internet of Things
AT&T are teaming up with SunPower to connect up SunPower’s solar panels so owners (and SunPower) can track how they are doing, and AT&T will give SunPower access to the AT&T customer base for sales leads
AT&T and SunPower bring IoT solar monitoring partnership to residential customers
Apple have created a new company called Apple Energy so it can trade the surplus energy it creates on the wholesale market. This is similar to what Google did in 2009 when it created Google Energy
Apple has so much electricity it just became a power company
Solar is on a roll in the UK (the UK? I know, right?). Well, to be honest, it is also in large part because coal is in serious decline there too. Still awesome
UK solar eclipses coal power over month for first time
Tesla’s brand is on the rise, while Volkswagen’s is in decline - in large part due to their lying to customers and regulators about their cars’ emissions
Tesla knocks VW out of the top 10 car brands – now valued at $4.4 billion
And newcomer to the autonomous car space, are building a kit for cars which they hope to sell to owners of modern cars for under $1,000 to make any modern car autonomous
On the road with George Hotz’s $1,000 self-driving car kit
While, on the climate front, more bad news from the arctic. The lowest ice extent there ever for the month of May, by a long shot. And there are still three more months of melt to come. Expect more records to break in coming months
‘We’ve never seen anything like this': Arctic sea ice hit a stunning new low in May
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