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Tom Raftery - Issue #11

A busy week this last week has this newsletter going out a little later than usual - though it is sti

Tom Raftery

May 28 · Issue #11 · View online
Tom Raftery's weekly newsletter - with stories from the worlds of IoT, Energy, and cleantech

A busy week this last week has this newsletter going out a little later than usual - though it is still Friday on the US West Coast as I type this - so still almost to schedule :)
Onto the stories…

The Internet of Things (IoT)
News from the world of the internet of Things this week that more cars are now getting cellular connections than people. AT&T alone has 8m connected cars!
And Beijing is using a combination of social media and the Internet of Things to more quickly detect air pollution problems
A third of new cellular customers last quarter were cars
How Beijing Is Using Data From Social Media And IoT To Boost Air Pollution Forecasting
Google started Project Sunroof last year in a select few US cities to let people in those cities see how they would benefit by putting solar panels on their roofs. This has now expanded to 42 states, and hopefully it will expand beyond the US soon too
Clean energy is providing more jobs now than fossil fuels, and a new zinc air battery technology has the potential to revolutionise energy storage
Google’s Project Sunroof Expands to 42 States and Millions More Rooftops
Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling for First Time in U.S.
A Battery Made From Metal and Air Is Electrifying the Developing World
Wirelessly charging of electric vehicles is coming very soon - and the ability to wirelessly charge electric vehicles (of all sorts) will totally revolutionise the industry
And Apple are opening their much maligned assistant Siri to developers - it will be fascinating to see what people use it for
Wireless charging: the key to unlocking an electric vehicle revolution
Apple prepping Siri SDK and Echo-like home assistant gadget
We can’t burn all the fossil fuels that we know are in the ground, or we will totally fry the planet
Luckily some sense is starting to prevail and the leaders of the G7 countries have pledged to stop subsidies for fossil fuels by 2025
World could warm by massive 10C if all fossil fuels are burned
G7 nations pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025
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