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Revue issue #1

Tom Raftery
Tom Raftery
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Now I’m starting anew, so I’m kicking off a new newsletter. It’ll be every Friday with the stories I found most interesting during the week.
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The main topics covered will be the Internet of Things, Energy, and CleanTech (oh, and 1 climate story a week!).

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Are open source IoT OSes the new black? Huawei is launching LiteOS, Google is said to be launching Brillo, watch this space for more…
Huawei expands into Internet of Things with LiteOS
And Libelium is trying to make it easier for organisations to dip their toes in the IoT space
The Swanson Effect (Moore’s Law, but for solar) means that solar power continues to drop in price - which is great news for everyone (except fossil fuel invested utilities)
Pricing for Solar Systems in the US Dropped 17% in 2015
CleanTech (catch-all term so I can include other stories I liked!)
Blockchain technology has incredible potential, and there are fantastic examples in this piece
How The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Going To Change The Lives Of The Bottom Billion
And lastly, some news on the climate front
Welcome to the climate emergency: you’re about 20 years late
In conclusion
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Tom Raftery
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