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Your GDC Showcase Guide





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Your GDC Showcase Guide
By Todd Mitchell • Issue #4 • View online
Happy Sunday, game dev people. Someone asked how my week has gone. Trudging through this week was like navigating a maze only to escape into a much larger maze. It was mazes all the way through. More accurately, it was a car accident (everyone’s fine, thanks), followed by a major podcast guest dropping out, followed by a book edit delay that’s out of my hands, tied together by never having any actual, dedicated work time.
But this isn’t a complaint issue! Not completely. Below I have some tips on pitching, the official post about the unusual story with the Artie platform, and to make up for a bit of a light week, I can offer up a FULL GDC Showcase schedule in a format you might find more convenient than the one currently available on the official GDC site. It’s free, it’s online, and hopefully this can help you put together your virtual attendance strategy. Let’s get to it!

For Your Calendar: GDC Showcase Kicks Off March 15
No Comment From Artie on App Store Risks After $10 Million Funding Round
Tips: Pitch Anything to Anyone
Let’s call it an issue. We’re looking at a busier upcoming week, followed by a week of GDC action! As always, I love hearing what has your attention in the industry and in your craft. Let me know what you’re up to and we’ll do it all again next week!
Thanks all,
Todd Mitchell
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Todd Mitchell

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