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Mega Man Hat and Other News

Mega Man Hat and Other News
By Todd Mitchell • Issue #12 • View online
Happy Sunday, friends! It’s been a little while since the previous newsletter, but people keep subscribing, so I’m happy to get in touch! I’m up to a few new things and even found something potentially useful for all you creators this weekend, so let’s do a quick rundown.

(New Tech) Dyson Zone headphones will clean your air in exchange for your dignity
(Podcast) Midwestionable: Close to as Bad as It Gets
(Photo Gallery) The Modern Game Industry, Depicted In 18th Century Paintings
(Essay) My Tamagotchi ruined me as a person
(Retro/History) The First Aladdin’s Castle Arcade
(Free resource) Obsidian
Thanks as always for your support and your great conversations around the web. I’m always happy to hear from you all and compare stories, resources, and thoughts. Never hesitate to reach out!
Thanks all.
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