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Google Bans, Music Tools, and More





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Google Bans, Music Tools, and More
By Todd Mitchell • Issue #1 • View online
Greetings, game people. What a week to start a newsletter! I thought I was going to get to focus on rounding up great development tools and finishing up the interview book. Instead, news involving Google and a prominent developer dropped in my lap, and I happened to have quite a bit of experience with the topic: unexplained Google bans. The resulting post kicked off a whirlwind of activity including site crashes, story pick-ups from huge outlets, and the opportunity to provide comments about the risks of doing business with Google for an upcoming feature at The National. Sure seems like it would have been a lot easier for Google to spend 10-15 minutes having a human address my situation at any point in the last 7 years. No problem. I’m going to keep doing my job either way. Let’s dig in.

Some Great Retro Music Tools Died With Flash. Now What?
(Podcast) Video Game Patents: Good or Evil?
Google, Terraria, and My Most Popular Story in Quite Some Time
Wrong AF: I Thought the CD Projekt Red Hack Was Pointless
(Interview) Joshua Johnson of TREE Industries
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