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Fake Theories, Real Threat





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Fake Theories, Real Threat
By Todd Mitchell • Issue #6 • View online
Happy Sunday, creators! GDC Showcase week has come to an end. The organizers put on a great event, and I really hope they consider doing more online sessions in the future–just like I hope everyone does more online everything in the future. I also hope Swapcard becomes the standard solution for online events. I can’t recall anything I’ve covered during the pandemic that went more smoothly. You can still stream presentations on demand through the 26th to catch up on anything you missed.
I got to speak with a great podcast guest this week and also received a couple of killer recommendations. I have a little book news now, and I’ll have a lot next time. Let’s get to it!

Book Update!
Name-drop time! I’ll most likely call the book Inside Video Game Creation: Game Development Experts Share Their Stories. This took a lot of deliberation as I worked on the project. This book is an effort to capture some of the great stories I’ve heard through my work and take it outside the tight-knit gamedev community to the wider world of gamers and curious future creators–basically the same place writers in this genre first found me. I still needed to get “game development” in there for search purposes. I’ve been around a while.
I have not been through the publishing process before, but I am making best efforts to launch the book on April 6th. Yep, two weeks from Tuesday. I edited down dangerously close to my intended word count during my initial editing pass, so I arranged to add one more interview (with a team of two, actually) to the book in the home stretch. As it turned out, the editing pass left me something like 250 words over my intended goal, so now it has some serious bonus content. I’m doing a final pass during spring break week and getting the book set up for publication with KDP.
I’ll update my social accounts with an Amazon listing, and I’ll certainly have it in the next issue as well. Thanks as always for everyone’s enthusiasm about this project.
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Thanks for being here.
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